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Oct 17
SIA Standards Reaches Major Milestone with Release of SIA OSDP v2.1.5

Earlier this month SIA Standards released the SIA Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) v 2.1.5. This release marks a major milestone for SIA Standards and its goal of making the Security Industry Association the go-to resource for standards activities that promote interoperability within the security industry.

The importance of this OSDP release can be put into better context with a brief history of the SIA Standards program.

SIA began creating industry standards in the 1980s, focusing on communications between alarm systems and monitoring stations, which was a pressing business need at the time. As the security industry matured, so did SIA Standards -- becoming an ANSI accredited developer in the 1990s and the de facto home for industry standards activities impacting the electronic physical security. SIA released standards that reduced false alarms, accurately detected glass breakage, and standardized security graphics for architects, among other things.

As we entered the 21st century, the industry experienced a major shift in focus, as the challenge became meshing rapidly advancing security technologies with IT technology that was advancing at an even faster pace. It was at this point that many other organizations and industry consortia began to take the lead in developing actionable security protocols that were extensible to the emerging IT-centric landscape. While SIA was doing a yeoman's job of defining relationships and architectures for security and network devices through the OSIPS project, the industry was craving specifications that they could implement immediately.

It's been a long time coming, but the SIA OSDP is exactly that type of specification. It represents a return to SIA Standards executing on activities that meet the business needs of the industry.

OSDP is a protocol that allows devices, such as card readers, control panels or other security management systems to work together using bi-directional communication. It provides the industry with a solution that moves far beyond the widely used Wiegand standard (another SIA driven standard that was released in the SIA Standards Golden Age). Originally developed by HID Global and Mercury Security Corporation with some more recent contribution from Codebench, Inc. (all SIA members), the rights to OSDP were assigned to SIA to ensure that the specification was made available for wide industry review and eventual standardization. OSDP has been implemented in some form by a number of manufacturers and v2.1.5 builds on those already to market implementations and prepares the protocol for IP communication extensibility in its next iteration.

OSDP fills an industry need as it is currently developed, is IP extensible for next generation security applications, and has already been embraced by important segments of the industry. A trifecta that SIA members, volunteers and industry stakeholders can all be excited about, now and in the future!

The SIA OSDP V2.1.5 is available for purchase through the SIA Online Store for the introductory price of $10 for SIA members and $20 for non-members

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