SIA New Member Profile: Theia Technologies

Security Industry Association (SIA)

The Security Industry Association (SIA) welcomes aboard new member Theia Technologies, Wilsonville, Oregon, a leading manufacturer of sophisticated lenses for video surveillance cameras.

SIA Update chatted with Andrea Iniguez, VP Business Development, Theia Technologies, to learn more about the company. Discover even more about the company on its website at​.

How did you get into the security industry?

Theia was founded in 2006 to take our patented distortion correction technology, known as Linear Optical Technology® into new markets. The wide angle (up to 135 degrees HFOV) without distortion seemed to find a natural home in video surveillance and security. The mainstream fisheye lens technology that was being used in wide angle surveillance provided low resolution and loss of fidelity due to the distortion/compression that is typical of that technology. The industry agreed, and our wide-angle lens technology was recognized for its achievement in innovation in SIA’s New Product Showcase at ISC West 2008.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

We relish our role in providing technical solutions to specific imaging problems and our role as an educator. With the introduction of an innovative and wide-angle lens technology, we found there was a low level of understanding of the trade-off between wide field of view and image resolution/detail. We introduced our Image Resolution Simulator and Lens Calculator tool to support better understanding of this imaging problem and were awarded Best in Tools and Hardware in SIA’s New Product Showcase at ISC West in 2011 for this tool. We often advise users on suitable optics for specific applications and on when and why to use a megapixel lens, for example. We are also sometimes called upon to design and manufacture a custom lens to meet a user’s specification when one is not commercially available.

What’s your company’s biggest challenge right now?

We are dedicated to continuing to educate the market on the value of optics that are compatible in terms of resolution performance and other features with the ever higher performance cameras coming online in the market, despite the flood of low-performance, low-price alternative optics becoming available.

What trends does your company foresee for the security industry in the next year?

We see the demand for 4k resolution video surveillance equipment, including suitable optics such as our SL/TL410 or SL/TL1250 telephoto 4k lenses, taking off.

What does your organization receive from membership in SIA? How do you plan to be active in the association in the near future?

We participate in the major shows and events sponsored by SIA and benefit from networking with industry professionals.

Will your company participate in an upcoming event with SIA such as ISC West, New Product Showcase or Government Summit? If so, what aspect of the event appeals most to your company?

​Theia is excited to once again exhibit ISC West, participate at its networking opportunities, and be exposed to the latest trends in security technology.

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