SIA New Member Profile: Aventura Technologies Inc.

Headquartered in Commack, New York, Aventura Technologies Inc. has a strong history as an innovative manufacturer of hardware and software products and peripheral solutions for government, military and enterprise. Aventura recently became a new member of the Security Industry Association (SIA)! So, SIA chatted with Jack Cabasso, Managing Director, Aventura Technologies, to discover more about the company’s products and its concerns for the future. Learn more about Aventura Technologies at

1. How did your company get its start? How did it get involved in the security industry?

Aventura Technologies started out in the late ’90s in the communications business with state-of-the-art voice and video over low-packet networks technology. When the unfortunate incidents of 9/11 occurred, we were called upon by government agencies requesting we migrate our voice and video for communications to an audio/video recording and management solution. Ostensibly, we migrated the technology to provide a digital video recorder.

2. Who are the prominent executives at your company? If someone wanted to meet a key person at an industry networking event, who would that be?

We have several prominent executives who each in their own right are well-seasoned subject matter experts. So, it would depend upon the objectives of the specific networking event.

Mark Peterson, formerly with the Pentagon in management of physical security
Mark Steinberg, formerly consultant and advisor to defense contractors with a history at State Department

3. What’s your company’s biggest challenge right now?

HR. There is an abundance of business but a shortage of talented individuals to execute. As our market is a consultative engineering sale at very sophisticated levels of engagement, you require subject matter experts with a diverse knowledge base.

4. What trends does your company foresee for the security industry in the next year?

Further momentum in the area of integration of subsystems to form seamless common operating security management platforms.

5. What does your organization receive from membership in SIA? How do you plan to be active in the association in the near future?

SIA is a great vehicle to network and utilize the membership community as sounding boards to garner outside input.

6. Will your company participate in an upcoming event with SIA such as ISC West, SIA New Product Showcase or SIA GovSummit? If so, what aspect of the event appeals most to your company?

We have participated in ISC West for the last decade. The shows have become more of a general meeting place.

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