sti puppy movement
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The Puppy Movement: CPTED & a New Vision for Security

When designing inhabited space to mitigate unwanted behaviors, we must embrace nonelectronic, nonaggressive technologies. When we think of security, we often think of products. We think of fences with concertina wire on top, big bold cement blocks, or at the very minimum a jersey barrier to prevent vehicular threats. We think of armed soldiers walking…

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sti securing healthcare facilities
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Securing Health Care Facilities

Maintaining 24/7 parking lot security Many hospitals today currently have large parking garage complexes containing multiple levels of parking supported and protected by an extensive parking gate entry system and surveillance system; however, deploying these types of solutions in remote and outdoor parking lots can be a challenge. Unlike a retail environment, which has a…

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School security
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The Details on New Federal School Security Grants


New Resource: SIA Guide to School Security Funding Updated November 2022 More than ever before, education leaders are seeking security enhancements to their facilities as part of their comprehensive school safety strategies. The Security Industry Association (SIA) is pleased to introduce the SIA Guide to School Security Funding in response to the need for more centralized…

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