Security Policy Brief: How a Proposed Houston Electrical Code Would Harm Integrators and Installers

screenshot of Security Policy Brief video

In this video, learn about how a proposed amendment to Houston’s electrical code provisions would limit the work done by low-voltage workers and how SIA is engaging on behalf of members on this issue.

The Houston Public Works Department has proposed an amendment to the City of Houston 2020 Administrative Code Provisions for the National Electrical Code that removes an exemption for low-voltage circuits under which many of the Security Industry Association’s (SIA’s) members operate. Not only does this proposed removal conflict with the Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act, but it will immediately put limited power integrators that work on power-limited circuits, fire alarm circuits, optical fiber cables or communications circuits out of business.

The proposed language would only allow a Master Electrician to obtain these newly required permits, which had previously been given to low-voltage workers. This change would not only limit the design, installation, erection, repair, or alteration of any work done by low-voltage workers, but it will also hamper the city of Houston from utilizing security technologies that help protect and save lives.

SIA is actively engaging on this issue and working diligently with a robust group of industry representatives to voice the industry’s concerns and, ideally, to stop this harmful measure from passing.

If you have any questions about SIA’s activities on this issue, please feel free to contact me at or reach out to SIA’s government relations team.