Issue: Fair & Open Trade

SIA has a deep and growing concern with the direction of U.S. trade policy due to the willingness of the current administration to use tariffs as a major policy tool in disputes with our trading partners and the negative economic effects that could result from escalating tariffs.

Further, the imposition of an additional 25% tariff on certain Chinese products announced in June 2018 is more likely to hurt U.S. businesses and consumers than it is to help resolve unfair trade practices, in part because the policy does not adequately consider the global value chain for the development, manufacturing and assembly of electronic products. The inclusion of many key components needed to manufacture or integrate security systems will likely result in higher costs for consumers, significant supply chain disruptions and a negative impact on U.S. growth and jobs in the industry.

SIA Position:

SIA strongly supports increased oversight by Congress of the administration's use of delegated trade authority and examination of policy changes that would strengthen important role of the legislative branch in setting trade policy.