Friends, members, and partners, working together with the Security Industry Association, you support the security industry through advocacy efforts, standards collaboration, education and training, and personnel certification, while teaming up with like-minded organizations as well as vertical market partners. As an organization, SIA leads and joins advocacy campaigns, works to promulgate the adoption of open standards, and promotes education with academic and association partners. Together, members and partners make the security industry stronger, and so 2015 was a year of collaboration and teamwork.


Chairman Denis Herber

Dear Industry Colleague,

I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the Board for the Security Industry Association (SIA). We have a strong association, with an even more exciting future, poised to provide value-added benefits to our membership in the coming years. We will do this through our Strategic Framework, which focuses on advocacy, collaboration, membership enagement and becoming a trusted technical resource for our members.

Denis Hébert

Chairman, SIA Board of Directors




SIA Education collaborated with quite a few partners in producing informative courses and webcasts. SIA Standards worked with several partner organizations to revise the important AG-01 Architectural Graphics Standard. Among other initiatives, SIA Government Relations supported efforts to fight patent trolls, as well as enactment of sensible cybersecurity legislation.



SIA Education@ISC delivered a robust ISC West 2015 conference program and achieved laudatory marks for both the session content and speakers.



SIA Standards once again continued to raise the flag for interoperability in 2015.

Government Relations


SIA Government Relations had a successful year advancing pro-industry policies by building key partnerships, engaging policy makers, and launching an online advocacy tool.

Industry Relations


In 2015, SIA Special Projects became the association’s Industry Relations Department.



Since 1969, SIA has served at the intersection of the industry, the place where leading companies, alliances, partnerships—even competitors—come together for the greater good: to advance the industry.



These opportunities brought security professionals together to stay informed about industry developments and marketplace trends, exchange ideas, and discover new ways to collaborate to improve the security industry.





MorphoWAVE from Safran Morpho took the top honor at NPS, winning the coveted Best New Product Award at the NPS awards ceremony at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas on April 15, 2015. MorphoWave is the market's first biometric access solution featuring high-speed touchless fingerprint matching.



The balance sheet and statement of activities shown in the SIA Annual Report have been audited and are accurate depictions of the financial position of the Security Industry Association as of Dec. 31, 2014. The information that follows illustrates the major categories of revenues and expenses related to SIA’s activities. The association’s operations for fiscal year 2014 conformed to the Strategic Plan approved by the SIA Board of Directors and showed another strong year end with revenues over expenses.

Audited by Tate & Tryon, CPAs.



  • Chairman:
    Denis Hébert
    DRH Consulting LLC

  • Vice Chairman:
    John Romanowich
    SightLogix Inc.

  • Vice Chairman:
    Rich Cillessen
    Siemens Industry

  • Treasurer:
    Scott Schafer
    Arecont Vision

  • Secretary:
    Herve Fages

  • Immediate Past Chairman
    John Stroia
    Amalgamated Business Services


  • Richard Brent
    Louroe Electronics

  • Tom Cellucci
    Cellucci Associates Inc.

  • Pat Comunale
    Tri-Ed Distribution

  • Lynn de Seve
    GSA Schedules Inc.

  • Tim Eckersley

  • Martin Huddart

  • Jeannine Lane
    Honeywell International

  • Kirk MacDowell

  • Ken Mills

  • Dan Moceri
    Convergint Technologies

  • Steve Shapiro

  • Nigel Spinks
    Tyco Security Products


  • Les Gold
    Mitchell, Silberberg & Knapp

  • Gordon Hope
    Honeywell Security

  • Mike Howard
    Microsoft Global Security

  • Sandra Jones
    Sandra Jones and Company


  • Administration and Operations

  • Donald Erickson
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Rand Price
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Frank McDonough
    Director of Information Systems

  • Bryan Miller
    Manager of Operations

  • Ronald Hawkins
    Director of Industry Relations

  • Education & Training

  • Kimberly Roberts
    Director of Education and Training

  • Ame Enright
    Associate Director of Certification

  • Kelly Sims
    Education Coordinator


  • Jake Parker
    Director of Government Relations

  • Joseph Hoellerer
    Manager of Government Relations

  • Standards

  • Joe Gittens
    Director of Standards

  • Mia Smith
    Manager of Standards


  • Mickey McCarter
    Manager of Communications

  • Kim Landgraf
    Manager of Design and Production

  • Byron Haugabook
    Digital Marketing and Web Content Manager


  • Kevin Murphy
    Director of Member Services

  • Alain Taylor
    Associate Director of Membership and Events

  • Marc Benson
    Associate Director of Membership

  • Oriniah Plowden
    Coordinator of Membership Services

  • Frans Kemper
    Director, SIA Brazil


The Marketing Committee provides feedback and guidance on organizational messaging and media strategy, tactics and the execution of public relations campaigns, and all other relevant projects and initiatives. The committee seeks out ways to market the association’s programs and services to its members and the public at large and to interested parties or groups that may represent potential new members.

Current accomplishments:
Input and approval of:
  • SIA marketing videos
  • SIA’s first digital Annual Report

Committee chair: Janet Fenner, Hanwha Techwin America
SIA Membership Committee provides value to the organization and staff in three distinct areas:
  1. Practical and hands-on assistance in Membership Recruiting and Retention efforts
  2. Ongoing assessment of the strategic value of various SIA programs, products and services
  3. Help set expectations with SIA levels of member engagement, member service and satisfaction

Current accomplishments: Assistance in recruiting 120 corporate members in 2015
Committee chair: Rich Cillessen, Siemens
The guiding body of the SIA Standards program ensures coordination between the individual subcommittees and approves new project proposals.

Committee chair: Steve Van Till, Brivo Systems
Vice chair: Rob Zivney, Identification Technology Partners

Standards Subcommittees

Access Control & Identity Subcommittee
The subcommittee is tasked with activities related to access control and identity management. Working groups within this subcommittee focus on legacy SIA access control and identity management standards and participate in relevant initiatives specified by the U.S. federal government (e.g., FICAM).

Current accomplishments:
  • Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) (Released May 2014)
  • Open OSDP Test Tool (Released June 2014)
  • OSDP Profiles (April 2015)
  • OSDP–IP (2016)

Subcommittee co-chairs:
Dave Adams, HID Global
Perry Levine, BluB0X

Digital Video Subcommittee
The subcommittee is tasked with the creation of standards for video applications. This subcommittee leads to involvement in both domestic and international video standards activities, including Video Quality in Public Safety (VQiPS) and it will develop and publish current IEC and ISO CCTV initiatives.

Current accomplishments:
  • Digital Video Quality Handbook
  • Camera Set-Up Guide
  • Video Quality Standard (2015)
Subcommittee chair: Steve Surfaro, Axis Communications

Intrusion Subcommittee
The subcommittee maintains and promotes standards dealing with security intrusion panels and communication between protected premises and monitoring stations. The subcommittee addresses CP-01 and the SIA DC family of standards, and it will develop and publish new intrusion standards.

Current accomplishments:
  • CP-01 revision
  • DC-09 Communications Protocol for Monitoring and DC-07 revisions

Subcommittee chair: Ted Nesse, North Latitude Technologies

Perimeter Security Subcommittee
The subcommittee is tasked with developing standards and papers geared toward the security of large outdoor facilities through the use of video, electronic sensors and barriers.
Current accomplishments:
Perimeter Video Application Paper

Subcommittee chair: John Romanowich, SightLogix

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Subcommittee
The subcommittee is tasked with developing network communications standards for IP-enabled security systems. The first project includes defining a standardized set of Management Information Bases (MIBs) for use with the SNMP protocol that will help security professionals and IT Network professionals monitor critical health information about individual devices and the enterprise network as a whole.

Current accomplishments: Security MIBs Standard (IETF)

Subcommittee chair: James Stroud, Microsoft
Vice chair: Sal D’Agostino, IDmachines

Cloud, Mobility and Internet of Things Subcommittee
This subcommittee is exploring the role of the cloud, proliferation of mobile devices and the larger concept of Internet of Things (IoT) in physical security. The group has released a white paper with proposed standardization topics for the cloud in security and will begin exploring communications bindings and physical security frameworks for the IoT-enabled world.

Current accomplishments:
  • Cloud and Mobility Whitepaper
  • Cloud, Mobility and Internet of Things Charter
Subcommittee chair: Jeremy Brecher, Securitas Electronic Security Inc.

Standards Working Group

The Architectural Graphics and CAD Working Group
The Architectural Graphics and CAD Working Group focuses on the revision of AG-01 Architectural Graphics and CAD Symbols for the Security System Standard. SIA and the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) are partnering together on this effort to revise this useful standard.

Current accomplishments:
AG-01 2015 SIA/IAPSC AG-01-2015 - Architectural Graphics - CAD

Working Group chair:Peter Michael, SAIC
The Education and Training Committee builds a qualified security workforce by identifying and creating learning, training and career development opportunities for security professionals. Its offerings include instructor-led training, online education, educational conferences and forums, and instructional materials and resources.

Current accomplishments:
  • Deliver SIA’s 2.5-day, instructor-led Security Project Management Training throughout the United States and Canada as both a public and private course.
  • Develop and manage custom online education for security project managers.
  • Annually develop and deliver industrywide education through the SIA Education@ISC educational programs at ISC West and ISC East.
  • Annually develop and deliver SIA’s Securing New Ground®, an executive-level conference that explores the business of security and the global and domestic markets for security products and technologies.
  • Created an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Security System Technology in partnership with the Mercer County Community College (N.J.) to educate the next generation of security professionals.
Committee chair: James Marcella, Axis Communications Inc.

ISC Education Advisory Board
The ISC Education Advisory Board evaluates and guides the development and delivery of the SIA Education@ISC educational program at ISC West.
Current accomplishments:
  • Delivered a record-breaking education program at ISC West 2015 with 18 percent growth over last year’s attendance and 91 percent growth since SIA assumed responsibility for the program in 2010. (Satisfaction levels related to the program content and speakers remain strong.)
Committee chair: Committee members collaborate on program development.

Certification Committee
The Certification Committee ensures SIA certification programs adhere to the standards for the development and maintenance of sound and legally defensible certifications. The committee determines the policies and procedures under which certifications are administered and awarded.

Current accomplishments:
  • The Certified Security Project Manager (CSPM®) exam is now available worldwide through the Kryterion network of more than 700 testing centers in about 100 countries. This major development is in direct response to fielding inquiries from security program managers around the world who asked about taking the test outside of the United States and Canada.
  • The committee continues to expand the pool of exam items to populate additional exams.
  • ASIS International and SIA solidified its partnership around certification that will involve cross-promotion of the CSPM® credential to current PSP and PCI credential holders, and the PSP to SIA members and others.
  • Heightened visibility of the CSPM® credential continues to generate more candidates, certificants and revenue
Committee chair: Appointment pending
The Government Relations Committee advises SIA members regarding legislation, regulations and other pending government actions affecting the security industry, and makes recommendations for related actions.

Current accomplishments:
  • Representation of SIA Members and their interests before federal and state policymakers
  • Publications (Inside SIA Government Relations, Fiscal Year Informer, State Policy Digest, Federal Grants Guide)
  • Webcasts on emerging policy issues affecting the security industry
Committee chair: Kathleen Carroll, HID Global
Procurement Policy Working Group
This working group serves as a forum for members to discuss policy issues that impact their ability to conduct business with government customers and help guide SIA’s involvement on procurement policy issues.

Current accomplishments:
  • Pushed enactment of the “Local Preparedness Acquisition Act” legislation authored by SIA that extended General Services Administration (GSA) Cooperative Purchasing to Schedule 84 under the Federal Supply Schedules program.
  • Monitoring and communicating with members about ongoing changes in the GSA schedules program and GSA requirements for installation of HSPD-12 compliant equipment.
  • Drafting SIA comments on regulations and legislation affecting procurement policy.
Working group chair: Lynn de Seve, GSA Schedules Inc.

State & Local Policy Working Group
The working group monitors state government activities affecting the development, use and sale of electronic physical security solutions, and provides insight into the state legislative challenges facing the industry while shaping SIA’s engagement on these issues.

Current accomplishments:
  • Tracking state legislative developments on data centers, RFID use policies, biometrics, body-worn cameras, licensure and security monitoring services, among other issues.
Working group chair: John Steele, Tyco Integrated Security

Identity Working Group
This working group promotes the effective use of identity management solutions in the public and private sectors by providing resources and insight to policymakers on biometrics; physical and logical access control systems; Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) infrastructure; and other related issues.

Current accomplishments:
  • Provided written comments to GSA on proposed changes to procurement policies for identity management and physical access control products.
  • Produced the SIA White Paper on physical access control systems for FICAM.
  • Monitoring changes in testing requirements and advocating for the further adoption and effective use of personal identity verification (PIV) security features by the federal government.
  • Closely followed the drafting of immigration reform legislation in Congress and developed SIA’s position on provisions requiring full implementation of the biometric entry/exit system for foreign visitors.
Working group chair: Rob Zivney, Identification Technology Partners

Transportation Policy Working Group
This working group provides industry insight to government decision-makers on funding or policy issues affecting deployment of security solutions for mass transit, freight and passenger rail, aviation, and highway systems.

Current accomplishments:
  • Drafted and presented SIA recommendations on recording devices for use in train cabs to the Federal Railroad Administration.
  • Monitoring U.S. Department of Transportation policy changes affecting deployment of security solutions.
Working group chair: Anthony Incorvati, Axis Communications

Critical Infrastructure Protection Working Group
The working group works to identify, support and advocate policies and programs that protect our nation against threats and hazards to critical infrastructure—the facilities, systems and networks upon which our society depends. The working group informs policymakers about security products, capabilities and solutions for a wide range of security requirements.

Current accomplishments:
  • Provided key input throughout the development process for the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards program.
  • Supporting increased funding for transportation and port security grants.
  • Drafted comments on the new physical security standard for the electric grid.
Working group chair: Appointment pending.

Government Summit Planning Committee
The SIA Government Summit Planning Committee provides valuable guidance for the planning and execution of the annual SIA Government Summit.

Current accomplishments:
  • Produced the 2015 Summit with record attendance, and opportunities for attendees to visit Congressional offices in support of SIA policy priorities.
Committee chair: Shene Commodore, Commodore Consulting
Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS)
PASS brings together representatives of the security industry, law enforcement and educational institutions to gather, develop and make publicly available information about securing schools.

Current accomplishments
  • Document outlining tiered solutions for school security
  • Launch of website at
Group chair: Brett St. Pierre, HID Global
Vice chair: Jim Crumbley, Risk Response Team

Investment Trends Committee
The Security Investment Trends Committee presents information on electronic security-related capital markets, M&A and investment developments to members of the security industry and investors.

Current accomplishments:
  • Webcasts to provide financial information to the security industry
Committee chair:
John E. Mack III, Imperial Capital

CSI MasterFormat Working Group
The CSI MasterFormat Working Group seeks to ensure that the MasterFormat construction specifications for security and life safety equipment, especially those contained in Division 28, are appropriate for current technologies and uses.

Current accomplishments:
  • Submission of comments to CSI regarding the MasterFormat Division 28 update, which were accepted as submitted
Group chair: Ray Coulombe, Security Specifiers

Health Care Security Interest Group
The Health Care Security Interest Group brings together members of the electronic physical security industry, end users, law enforcement and other stakeholders to develop analyses and recommendations regarding the implementation of security solutions, the impact of emerging technologies, and the unique demands, constraints and challenges of securing health care facilities.

Group chair: Jim Stankevich, Tyco Security Products
Vice chair: Bonnie Michelman, Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners Health Care

Retail Security Interest Group
Launched in April 2016, the Retail Security Interest Group will bring together security technology suppliers, security practitioners, law enforcement and other stakeholders to develop analyses and recommendations regarding the implementation of security solutions, the impact of emerging technologies, and the unique physical security, loss prevention and other security challenges in the retail sector.

Group chair: Alex Asnovich, Hikvision


SIA has continued strong collaborative efforts so far in 2016. Many of our industry-building events and activities have attracted the attention of terrific new partners, and SIA continues with the ambition to provide its members with the best advocacy, education, standards and networking opportunities. Here is what SIA has been doing so far this year:


Join us for Securing New Ground 2016 in October and ISC East 2016 in November, both in New York City.

At both events, you’ll see how SIA’s collaborative nature continues to pay off for traditional members as well as new entrants to the security industry.

What do you think?

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