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SIA’s Microlearning Series of video-based courses provides easily accessible on-demand, interactive learning for security professionals. Your purchase of the series gives you instant access to over 20 hours of training for only $65 (members) or $95 (non-members).

You’ll get access to five courses:

  • Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) Microlearning Series: Managed services (SaaS) and recurring monthly revenue (RMR) business models are growing in popularity as technology rapidly evolves requiring ongoing maintenance and on-demand customer service. Companies considering or initiating the transition to a RMR or subscription-based business model are faced with a variety of challenges and opportunities. This five-part training program is designed to assist security dealers and systems integrators in leveraging RMR to increase company value. You’ll learn about key strategies in finance to build RMR and change management, 10 myths about RMR, transitioning to a RMR business model and key vertical markets and unlock an informative SIA RMR roundtable video.
  • RISE Microlearning Series to Foster Workplace Success: In today’s dynamic work environment, early-career professionals need to possess strong business acumen and interpersonal skills to be successful. The RISE Microlearning Series covers a combination of technical and soft skills to help young professionals thrive. In these videos, members of the RISE community provide key insights on career advancement, change management and productivity, overcoming failure, conflict resolution and project management. This series provides tools and guidance to help early-career professionals and experienced security professionals continuously learn and grow.
  • Security Sales Microlearning Series: This five-part sales training program is designed to help you learn how to grow your business. You’ll learn about important topics like understanding security practitioners’ needs, identifying and differentiating cybersecurity buyers, using technology to improve your sales process, recognizing issues that hold sales representatives and account managers back and even how to leave a great voicemail.
  • Data Privacy Microlearning Series: With cyberattacks and data breaches more prevalent every year and privacy a key issue of concern, it’s important to understand the dynamic landscape when it comes to data privacy. SIA’s Data Privacy Microlearning Series is a five-part program designed to enhance your knowledge of key privacy issues and concepts. You’ll learn about data privacy best practices, data privacy and risk management, privacy legislation and regulations, Europe’s General Data Protection regulation as it relates to privacy and key considerations regarding personally identifiable information.
  • Selling to the Government Microlearning Series: The requirements for doing business with the U.S. government are complex and nuanced. From identifying business opportunities and federal and state funding sources to ensuring compliance with regulatory statutes and grant program requirements, SIA’s Selling to the Government Microlearning Series will highlight how to effectively market and sell products and services to government entities. You’ll learn about leveraging grant support for security projects and how to sell security products to the government and get an overview of SIA’s Guide to Cannabis Security Requirements.
  • The Microlearning Full Series is $65 for employees of SIA member companies and only $95 for non-members.

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