Security Cornerstones Module Two: Access Control

Access Control

SIA’s Security Cornerstones Learning Series provides a fundamental overview of the business practices and technologies used within today’s physical security industry.  Designed primarily for novice security professionals, it also promotes greater understanding of technical concepts for career veterans with a focus on elements of the industry they may not interact with directly or regularly.

This Access Control module is a self-paced e-learning course providing education on what is access control and how common access control systems work. Viewers of this approximately 15-minute interactive course will learn the core components of common access control systems and understand basic operational requirements that require the use of access control.

In this module, you will learn:
  • How does a basic access control system work
  • Types of access control systems
    • Operational requirements and standards
    • Design expectations and limitations
  • Access control system components
    • Control panels
    • Door hardware
    • Access credentials
    • Access readers
    • Control software

The Security Cornerstones Learning Series is provided free to employees of SIA member companies and each module is only $29 for non-members.

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