SIA Guide to Navigating Federal Contracting Rules

SIA Guide to Navigating Federal Contracting Rules

A comprehensive guide on federal contracting for security manufacturers and integrators, with a special emphasis on domestic content requirements

As an exclusive benefit for its members, SIA is providing a summary of the key issues to consider for companies contemplating contracting with the U.S. government, or as a subcontractor to a prime contractor where the project receives federal funds. This reference tool is intended to be a starting point for addressing common questions about the process, highlighting key topics and considerations, and providing links to additional resources.

Given the complexity and breadth of the topic, as well as the wide variation of industry products and approaches to the market, it is not possible to discuss all relevant issues in great depth. This summary focuses only on projects that involve federal funds, either through direct purchase or indirectly through grants, and are administered by a federal agency or department. Notably outside its scope are state or local government contracting issues, where there is even more variation in rules and regulations, and while it touches on contracts governed by Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR), that is not a topic which is covered in depth.

A special focus on domestic content requirements is provided given the current administration’s review of “Buy American” policies, a term used broadly to refer to rules governing projects where there is a U.S. content requirement for the good or service being sold to the federal

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This in-depth resource is only available to SIA members. To request a copy of the SIA Guide to Navigating Federal Contracting Rules, please email Joe Hoellerer, SIA manager of government relations, at and a digital version of this guide will be provided to you as a member.

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