SIA Member Profile: Jurgen Heller, Director of Business Development, Advancis Software North America

Security Industry Association (SIA)

How did you get into the Security Industry?

Initially I started 20 years ago in the telecommunication business, a very fast growing sector. I became involved when the first video over IP product had been developed, which by contrast wasn’t a big market at that time. This all changed with 9/11 when the security market became “overnight” a major topic worldwide. 2001 was the start of a strong demand for more and better video surveillance and the traditional analog video (CCTV) merged with networking technology.

Since the traditional analog video had a lot of limitations, it was obvious that the digital video, video over IP, was the future. So I began with a small start-up company, developing and installing the first major video solutions to stream as well as storing and managing video in large scale for enterprise clients.

Today, video surveillance, management and digital video are common platforms in the security industry.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

It is all about creativity and flexibility.

The past years within security industry have proven that it is important to look ahead and find new solutions and “link” in between. Like video over IP, the security market is currently facing many new challenges because different technologies working in silos are all separate and not “communicating” with each other. They have to be integrated and managed from a single platform providing a uniform Interface and guiding the operator through the process to simplify the workflow. It goes without saying that just like any innovation, this new one called physical security information management (PSIM) solution first of all requires appropriate introduction to the market, creating a business momentum and turning it into sales volume.

What’s your prediction for the biggest trend that will take place in the security industry over the next year?

Similar to the past years when the different video products and manufactures had to be unified and linked to each other, allowing the user to address them all in an easy and convenient manner, the trend is now towards a complete integration of the different security technologies. However this integration will not be limited to security only; it requires interfacing and communication with safety technologies such as fire systems or mass notification, building technologies such as HVAC or energy management and much more (PSIM). Since all these are different “units” living side by side requiring different skill sets to administrate, service and maintain their products they do need a simplified and uniform user interface easy to operate, just like a smart phone with all its installed apps.

How about 5 years from now?

Five years is quite a long time when it comes to technology. Keep in mind that it took security about 10 years to adapt to digital video. The integration between security, safety, building and any other possible technology installed, will give PSIM its momentum, just like the last years when security mentality merged with telecommunication strategies and changed the way of thinking. This time it will take much longer getting all the technology “worlds” together which are used to live by standards and codes, inputs and outputs or procedures and processes.

What does your organization receive from membership in SIA that you’d like to share with others?

We have just started our membership at SIA and expect to network with other organizations and individuals interested to share their ideas and understanding with us. At the same time offering opportunities and developing new approaches to help improving security and safety, leading to less crime and a safer environment.

Will you be attending ISC West in April? If so, what are you most looking forward to about the event?

Sure, we will be present on ISC West and we are looking forward to an exciting event with a lot of inspiring ideas to improve security solutions over the coming years. Specialized trade shows always are an excellent place for direct contact with the most diverse responsibles of the industry, from research over suppliers up to end users.

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