AG-01 Architectural Graphics for Security Standard

What Is AG-01?

AG-01 is a collection of architectural graphics for security intended for use by architects, building contractors, system integrators, electrical contractors and security managers who use CAD to produce construction drawings, shop drawings and installation/as-built drawings, and physical security system layouts.

Purchase the AG-01 Standard

Ready to start using AG-01? You can purchase the standard from SIA’s website.

Cost: $50 for SIA Members; $275 for nonmembers.

Benefits of AG-01

AG-01 version 3.0 was established to provide uniformity in design and layout of physical security systems. Version 3.0 also includes enhanced symbols, updated technologies such as sonar and radar, and a new power section, among other changes. In addition, PNG and Visio symbols are included to enable the use of AG-01 for consultants and architecture and engineering firms.

Areas covered by the new AG-01 Standard:

  • Annotation
  • Access control
  • Processors and user interfaces
  • Annunciations and switches
  • Doors and barriers
  • Communications
  • Power supplies
  • Intrusion sensors
  • Video surveillance
  • Screening devices

Get Involved with AG-01

To get involved with AG-01, become a volunteer of SIA’s Architectural Graphics and CAD Working Group. If you have experience using Auto CAD, Revit or experience with physical security systems layouts, please join the AG-01 effort.