DC-07-2001.04 | Receiver-to-Computer Interface Protocol (Type 2) – for Central Station Equipment Communications

Scope and Benefits

This standard describes an interface format for communications between alarm signal receivers and automation computers. This standard is intended for use by equipment in security industry alarm monitoring centers, with possible uses in the areas of energy control and facilities monitoring and management.

This standard provides a common interface format for across-the-board compatibility of equipment, regardless of manufacturer, and provides for all the known communication needs between the computer and receiver.

This standard defines basic “codes” to identify commonly used dialer protocols used in alarm signal transmitters, as well as conditions in the central station equipment that require a technician or other manual attention.

Additions to these codes may be by application to SIA. Independent extensions to the codes will render a device noncompliant. Requests for additional codes, additional message fields, message interpretations or revisions to the standard, should be submitted to SIA. The request will be distributed to the Subcommittee members for review and approval.

The standard is voluntary and self enforcing. In the case of incompatibility, the problem should be resolved to the extent possible by manufacturer-tomanufacturer discussions. SIA’s Digital Communications Standards Subcommittee will act as an arbitration body if the problem cannot be otherwise resolved.

Sponsoring Subcommittee or Working Group

Intrusion Subcommittee

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