SIA TVAC-01-2001.04 | CCTV to Access Control Standard - Message Set for System Integration

Scope and Benefits

This standard details an interface protocol, including a general message architecture and specific message sets, for communications between a CCTV switching sub-system and an Access Control sub-system . This standard may
be applied to any two or more sub-systems of either type. This standard may also be applied to sub-systems of other types if their functionality is supported within the message sets.

This standard assumes bi-directional communications where no sub-system is a master over the other/s. Each sub-system may issue any of the defined messages, however each sub-system may decline requests that are made
from the other.

This standard specifies the high order layers of the interface protocol including: Application, Presentation, and Session. It is assumed that other conventional protocols, such as TCP/IP, RS-232, and RS-485, will be used for the lower
protocol layers, including: Transport, Network, Data Link, and Physical.

The message architecture in this standard is flexible and intended to be changed over time, however it is intended that additional messages will be added to the message set by formal revision of this document.

This standard is intended for use by manufacturers in the design of CCTV, Access Control, and other similar systems in the security industry and related industries. It is also intended for reference by all affected parties, including security system installers and programmers, system specifiers, security managers, and other end users.

Sponsoring Subcommittee or Working Group

TVAC Standards Subcommittee (Disbanded)

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