Growing the Security Talent Pipeline

SIA’s efforts to grow the workforce of tomorrow

In September 2017, SIA unveiled a comprehensive plan to Grow the Security Talent Pipeline. The elements of this plan draw from across the organization. By grouping resources for workforce development under one umbrella plan, SIA intends to augment its capabilities to help security companies—manufacturers, integrators, service providers, and others—to hire qualified talent.

What SIA Is Doing

SIA has many active initiatives related to workforce development in the security industry. Explore these resources and learn about opportunities to enter the security industry.

Community College Programs

In 2016, SIA partnered with Mercer County Community College (MCCC) to develop a degree program featuring project management, sales, product technology, and security integration classroom and lab instruction. SIA will license the degree program, Systems Technology Associate in Applied Science Degree in Security Systems and Technologies, and its related curriculum to community colleges nationwide.


SIA Academic Memberships for Students and Faculty

SIA created Academic Memberships for students to educate them about the security industry and to network with potential employers. SIA plans to target trade, technical and community college and engineering program students as potential members. Meanwhile, SIA Academic Memberships for faculty help professors connect directly with industry to stay atop trends and align educational requirements with future employers' needs. Faculty also can take advantage of options for publication and networking.


Career Mapping Project with ASIS International

SIA has been working in collaboration with ASIS International on a comprehensive career mapping project that will identify career pathways and which will cover all aspects of the security industry—from security practitioner and consulting roles to roles at security manufacturers and systems integrators. The final product is expected to be available early in 2018. SIA members have been instrumental in contributing to the advisory board and with surveys and interviews.


Security Industry Careers Guide

To help make students and others aware of employment opportunities within the security industry, SIA has produced a guide to career opportunities guide for typical industry employment positions at security systems integrators and security solutions manufacturers.


Security Industry Recruiting Center Job Board

In 2012, SIA joined forces with the Electronic Security Association (ESA) and The Monitoring Association (TMA) to launch the Security Industry Recruiting Center (SIRC), an online resource for matching qualified job seekers with security industry employers. As the premier job board for security professionals, the recruiting center allows the associations and both member and non-member companies to post available career opportunities as well as review resumes posted by new industry recruits.


Connecting Young Professionals with SIA RISE

SIA RISE is a networking group that fosters the careers of young professionals in the security industry. The group is available to all young professionals, under 40, or individuals who have been in the security industry for less than two years, whose company is a member of SIA. RISE launched a $30,000 scholarship program with funds THAT may be used for a variety of courses, including curriculum related to information technology or cybersecurity. Encourage your 20- and 30-something colleagues to join.


Advocacy for Federal STEM Programs

Robust federal government investment in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum in K-12 schools and high schools is essential to preparing students for future careers in technical and engineering jobs. SIA is fighting for federal funding of key STEM programs, such as the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE program (Increasing the Participation of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers) and its Advanced Technological Education Program, which focuses on providing additional education for technicians. SIA Government Relations is also actively supporting efforts to reauthorize the Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, a landmark law that promotes career and technical education.

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Leveraging U.S. Chamber Foundation Resources

SIA intends to leverage the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's expertise and resources to promote the security industry through its Foundation Education and Workforce Center and its Hiring our Heroes Program, aimed at helping our nation's veterans transition to new careers.

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Engaging with HR Professionals and Industry Stakeholders

SIA continually reaches out to business leaders, students, and associations representing the technical education community as well as human resources professionals, who represent the front lines of hiring, to exchange ideas and to engage them in aspects of this plan. Are you an HR professional? We want you to work with us to grow the talent pipeline.