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 The SIA Center of Excellence will help you and your organization keep at the forefront of ever-changing market demands by fostering knowledge and expertise among employees, contractors and clients. This online repository of vendor-neutral, vetted information includes on-demand training courses, e-learning modules, webinars, articles and more.


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The Possible Crisis Before Us: How Deepfakes Could Combine With AI, Blockchain, Quantum and Other Threats

Note: The top image for this story is a series of deepfake images from Acceleration in digital processes, products and services has created many…

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Security Industry Association (SIA)

The Role of Manufacturers and Integrators in Assessing Risk (Part 2)

November 8, 2017   Value of Understanding Project Risk Assessment This three-part webinar series will explore the risk analysis and assessment process. Session 1 will...

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employee leaving organization after termination

Involuntary Employment Separation and Termination Strategies

This guidance document created by Sean A. Ahrens is designed to be a tool for employers’ person-centric separation processes to manage and mitigate behavioral risk concerns before, during and after involuntary separations or terminations of employees.

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