Historically, physical security systems and information technology systems dwelt in different silos. Chief security officers and chief information officers ran their respective domains without input from the other. But rapid adoption of IP-based security devices spurred the convergence of physical and information security, bringing the two spheres together. SIA is dedicated to managing disciplines within this convergence.

An Update From the SIA Data Privacy Advisory Board
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What the Proposed Federal Privacy Law Could Mean for Businesses


SIA’s Data Privacy Advisory Board shares updates on the American Data Privacy and Protection Act, plus new efforts from the advisory board. In this month’s update from the SIA Data Privacy Advisory Board, get the most current information on advisory board projects and events, then see updates on the latest privacy developments, legislative and regulatory…

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cloud concept
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Cloud Access Control and the Importance of API Integrations

A transformation is happening. From global enterprises to the most renowned hospitals, cloud access control is quickly becoming more popular, replacing its on-premises predecessors. With the cloud’s rise in popularity, IT and security teams have the “green light” to trash their antiquated Windows 95-esque dashboards and bury their bulky server racks. In their place, sleek…

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Using Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology to Assist in On-Site Guarding

Many companies across the world are facing new challenges in terms of recruiting and retaining talent. With that, we’ve seen a shift in the industry towards technology. When looking specifically at the on-site guarding side of the industry, many companies have started offering alternative solutions using technology as a way to innovate and augment staffing…

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How CISOs Look at Physical Security: A Conversation With CISO Nicole Ford

The SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board (CAB) presents an engaging discussion with chief information security officer (CISO) Nicole Ford (previously of Carrier and currently at Rockwell Automation), along with the CAB’s Min Kyriannis, CEO of Amyna Systems. Their discussion uncovers top down challenges and affirms some prevailing cybersecurity perceptions leaving viewers with new understanding and tools…

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Physical Security Vertical Market Assessment: U.S. Cannabis

This 2022 vertical market report, produced by Omdia exclusively for SIA, provides research and statistics on the market for physical security equipment and solutions in the United States cannabis sector. It examines key market drivers and barriers for the cannabis security vertical, key state regulations on recreational and medicinal cannabis use and how to win business with cannabis end users.


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Security screening
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Leveraging AI for People Screening: Millimeter Wave Tech and Deep Learning Can Produce Effective, Automated Virtual Searches

Despite advancements in security technologies across nearly every industry, options for screening people have largely remained the same for more than a decade. People screening for loss prevention, data center security, high-value manufacturing, event security and other use cases generally relies upon low-tech and personnel-intensive measures like physical searches, pat-downs and metal detection systems. Some…

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Cybersecurity Outlook for 2022: Four Trends to Drive the Protection of Online Systems

During the past year, it has been commonplace for organizations across the globe to face increasing cyber threats. No business is immune. In fact, Gartner reports that, by 2025, 70% of CEOs will mandate a culture of organizational resilience to combat threats from cybercrime, as well as severe weather events, civil unrest and political instability.…

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