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Historically, physical security systems and information technology systems dwelt in different silos. Chief security officers and chief information officers ran their respective domains without input from the other. But rapid adoption of IP-based security devices spurred the convergence of physical and information security, bringing the two spheres together. SIA is dedicated to managing disciplines within this convergence.

Intelligent Building Systems - Building Automation & Control Systems: An Investigation into Vulnerabilities, Current Practice and Security Management Best Practice
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Intelligent Building Management Systems Report on Building Automation and Control Systems


Co-presented by the ASIS Foundation, BOMA International (BOMA) and the Security Industry Association (SIA), these report and research materials provide groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind guidance for practitioners in the security and building management fields. Intelligent Building Management Systems: Guidance for Protecting Organizations provides a framework to help decision-makers assign a risk-based criticality or impact to their building and asks relevant security questions to develop appropriate mitigation strategies. It also serves to establish a common language between the many intelligent building stakeholders.

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SIA Offers “Cyber Office Hours” to Help Members Enhance Their Cyber Readiness

Monthly program offers members an opportunity to address cyber questions with the help of cybersecurity researcher and ethical hacker Rodney Thayer. SIA members continue to dedicate significant time and resources to enhance their cyber readiness. To support member company cyber strategies, SIA is offering its members the opportunity to have key questions asked and answered…

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