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facial recognition letter

SIA Signs Multi-Organization Letter to Congress on Facial Recognition

SIA has urged Congress to consider viable alternatives to bans on facial recognition to allow safe, accurate and effective use of the technology.

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Letter of opposition to Massachusetts HB 3871

Opposition Letter to Massachusetts Law on Temporary Locking Devices in Classrooms

The Security Industry Association has expressed concerns with Massachusetts HB 3871, which would amend state law to include “temporary door locking devices” for public schools to use in classrooms.

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SIA letter of opposition to Wisconsin AB 44

Opposition Letter to Wisconsin Law on Classroom Barricade Devices

The Security Industry Association has expressed concerns with Wisconsin AB 44, which would amend state law to allow public schools to use “barricade devices” in classrooms.

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SIA, ALAS and CANASA Support Letter for USMCA

SIA, ALAS and CANASA Letter of Support for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

The Security Industry Association, the Latin American Security Association and the Canadian Security Association formed a coalition to urge the U.S. Congress to approve the United States-Mexico-Canada agreement promptly.

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SIA support letter for S. 379

SIA Support Letter for S. 379

S. 379 would help address the security skills gap and strengthen the nation’s labor force by allowing individuals to have greater flexibility in pursuing educational and career development opportunities.

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coalition Letter of Support for U.S. Mexico-Canada Agreement

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coalition Support Letter for U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement

The Security Industry Association joined a group of organizations to support the USMCA, which will preserve and strengthen trade ties to Canada and Mexico.

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