Support the SecurityPAC

SecurityPAC was created to help protect and promote the future success of SIA and to provide an easy and effective means for PAC-eligible employees to become politically involved on behalf of the company.

With a new Congress convening on Capitol Hill and state legislatures going back into session around the country, 2017 is set to be critical for the security industry. The many new faces elected last November offer opportunities to educate and build winning coalitions on issues important to our organization.

The PAC provides us a powerful vehicle to affect change and have our voices heard on the political stage. SecurityPAC is the political action committee for SIA which allows eligible employees to participate in the political process and pool their voluntary contributions to make a great impact together. By joining the PAC, you and your colleagues are helping to protect and promote the future success of SIA.

What SecurityPAC Does:

  • Empowers our organization and our employees to educate officials and raise awareness on issues important to our business
  • Supports candidates who understand our business, whose values and goals align with our company’s mission, and who are willing to work with us to achieve our public policy goals
  • Combines our resources through SecurityPAC makes our unified voice louder and stronger

How to Get Involved

To participate in the SecurityPAC, contact:
Joe Hoellerer, Manager of Government Relations
Security Industry Association (SIA)

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