Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification (SICC)

Introducing the Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification (SICC)

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Earning the SICC demonstrates a high level of competence in physical, cyber and information security.

Accelerate your career and create trust with your colleagues, partners and clients by earning SIA's newest certification, which has been developed with support from PSA Security Network and Security Specifiers.

What is the Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification (SICC)?

The Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification (SICC) is the industry's only credential focused specifically on cybersecurity for physical security systems. As a designated SICC, you will validate the skills required to support technical security installations according to industry best practices for electronic security and cybersecurity and aligning with clients’ organizational priorities and business objectives.

The SICC has been developed for integrators, manufacturers, consultants and other related industry professionals who are responsible for technically supporting the installation, networking, configuration and/or specification of electronic security/low-voltage technology devices and is designed to ensure these professionals have hands-on experience working with industrial controls, safeguarding assets and processes and possess a deep understanding of physical security and cybersecurity convergence. The program is designed to assess and validate the core competencies these individuals must possess to effectively perform jobs involving critical aspects of cybersecurity.

Who Should Earn the SICC?

This certification program is intended for security industry professionals who perform or provide technical support for the installation, networking, configuration and/or specifying of electronic security/low-voltage technology devices. These individuals may be involved in security integration projects as an installer or technician who aspires to become a lead technical support manager or engineer, while others may consult on security project specifications or provide direct oversight of technical security system installations.

  • Lead/Senior Service Technicians
  • Lead/Senior Installers
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Security Systems Designers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Security Specifiers/Consultants
  • IT/Cybersecurity Managers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Network Administrators
  • Product Managers

The SICC Candidate Handbook

Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification (SICC) Candidate HandbookThe SICC Candidate Handbook is your complete guide to the certification process for the Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification. It contains information such as the eligibility requirements, fees, exam process, what the certification tests, recommended study materials, how to prepare, how to maintain your certification and more.

Download SICC Candidate Handbook

Prepare to Earn Your SICC

SIA's new SICC Review Course is designed to help prepare you for the certification exam using proven instructional design techniques and interactive learning tools. This comprehensive, 12-hour course covers key concepts and skills that directly correspond with the 10 knowledge domains outlined on the SICC exam blueprint.

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"The new SICC was born out of the recognition that the security of installed systems depends on the knowledge and qualifications of those who install and configure them. This certification is an important step in the provisioning of cyber-secure systems."

– Ray Coulombe, managing director, Security Specifiers

"The daily news underscores the critical importance of cybersecurity awareness, hygiene and training. This new cyber certification program specifically and proactively addresses those important concerns with a cyber certification designed especially for our security industry. PSA is proud to be an active co-contributor to this program."

– Ric McCullough, president, PSA Security Network

"The SICC provides a means for workers in the industry to demonstrate an understanding of cybersecurity and how it applies to the systems that they install and service. It also provides a solid foundation to build upon as changes occur in cybersecurity in the future."

– Chris Peckham, chair, SIA Learning and Development Committee; director of operations, Ollivier Corporation

"Integrators and vendors that possess certifications like the SICC demonstrate that they have the cybersecurity skills/knowledge on physical security systems, which provides clear advantage over others during the selection process of a competitive bid."

– Michael Bendis, associate partner, Syska Hennessy Group

"The SICC was a challenging examination of my knowledge and expertise in security system design, installation and configuration. This credential will become a ‘must have’ for integrators and is likely to become a requirement for installation of networked security system by specifiers." 

– Don Kwietniak, SICC, manager of IT services, Securitronics

“We will be making the SICC certification part of our essential staff training to ensure everyone in our organization has the skills and knowledge they need to face changing cybersecurity challenges and build innovative, secure solutions for our customers.”

– Courtney Gibson, SICC, chief technology officer and chief information security officer, BioConnect

“The SICC helps drive our industry forward and helps us demonstrate to customers that we are aware of cyber risks and deploy systems in a secure manner.”

– Jim Cooper, SICC, vice president of technology, Integrated Security and Communications

“The SICC is supposed to bridge physical security and cybersecurity along with project management and application engineering into one competency, and it clearly does. It will help integrators set their application engineers up for success!”

– Rich Campbell, SICC, systems engineer, RFI

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The SICC examination assesses cybersecurity competencies in 10 knowledge domains. These key knowledge domains were identified through a Job Task Analysis (JTA). The results of the JTA informed the SICC Exam Content Outline, which can be found in the SICC Candidate Handbook. Download the SICC Candidate Handbook here.