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The Impact of Emotions on Corporate Crisis Management

How emotions are changing the security requirements for corporations and the security professionals charged with mitigating risk…

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Vehicle inspections at border crossing

Enhancing Vehicle Inspections with Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision “sees” details that can match cars to a database and identify threats Technology offers new…

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How Ultra-Wideband Works

Applying Ultra-Wideband Wireless Technology for Security and Automation

Decades-old ultra-wideband technology is enjoying a renaissance in secure access and beyond Like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ultra-wideband…

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A "blue light" phone emergency call box

Call Boxes in a Mobile Age

Transitioning to apps is not as clear cut as it may seem I am attending a university…

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The Impact of Reliable Wireless Infrastructure on Advanced Security Technologies

How network connectivity fills the space between man and machine for public safety Outdoors, indoors, above ground…

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Facial Recognition Success Stories Showcase Positive Use Cases of the Technology

New: Introducing SIA’s Core Principles for Facial Recognition Technology Use SIA believes facial recognition must be used…

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