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Balancing Wireless Innovation With Wired Reliability

Integrating both approaches advances convenience, security and sustainability in smart buildings In the realm of smart building…

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Security Shifts: The Technology Trends Creating a Safer World

Cloud and AI are remaking video surveillance It is quite clear that technology is undergoing significant changes,…

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How to Improve the Integrator-End User Relationship

A cloud-based business software solution ensures accuracy and accessibility In the world of physical security integration, simply…

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How AI Can Transform Integrated Security

The potential is great, though challenges remain The physical and cybersecurity world is dynamic and fast-paced, with…

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Improving Visitor Management With Lighting Technologies

External illumination boosts accuracy of biometric solutions Visitor management is a critical aspect of every physical security…

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Tightening the Perimeter With Technology

Artificial intelligence and other solutions can turn security from reactive to proactive In recent months, there has…

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