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health care security concept

Integrating Technologies, Security and Privacy: Hospital Security Systems Must Do More Than Lock Doors and Record Video

Health care facilities are faced with a considerable number of challenges. The responsibility to balance security with…

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CCTV tower

The Unique Benefits of CCTV Towers: Overt Security Has Its Advantages

Retailers have had cameras, both inside and outside their stores, since the VCR made it economical. Traditionally,…

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cybersecurity concept

Cybersecurity Outlook for 2022: Four Trends to Drive the Protection of Online Systems

During the past year, it has been commonplace for organizations across the globe to face increasing cyber…

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audio alarm

Using Audio for Alarm Verification: Hearing Plus Seeing Increases Situational Awareness and Reduces False Alarms

Alarm-based security systems have a long history. The first systems proliferated after World War I, when an…

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The Still Essential 90-Year-Old Technology: Radar Can Do What Visual Security Solutions Alone Cannot

Since 1934, when radio detection and ranging was introduced to the U.S. military, radar has added value…

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Pandemic Changes in Building Access Are Here to Stay: Moving Toward Mobile Access and Touchless Sensors

Security in multitenant buildings and condominium complexes has been evolving for many years. Property managers continuously look…

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