Security 2040


How will the security industry change, adapt and be disrupted by the year 2040? What will be the factors that drive technological innovation and the use of security devices over the next generation?

SIA’s Security 2040 initiative, presented by the SIA Member Engagement & Experience Committee, will present predictions and perspectives on how future security technologies will evolve and be deployed. This multi-media content program will leverage live streaming, social media and other approaches to capture the expertise and envelope-pushing vision of SIA members.

Scheduled for released by SIA on July 20, Security 2040 aims to inspire the global security industry to think about what could soon be possible through the continued development of security technology. Imagine.

Imagine the Future: Security 2040

The past 17 years have featured the first major moves to smart security. Surveillance, access control and intrusion detection have expanded beyond the security realm to become multi-functional sources of data and information that are integrated into business operations, residences, city management, and individuals’ day-to-day lives. What will the next 17 years bring? Imagine.

Artificial intelligence and analytics hold the promise of even smarter systems. Autonomous devices have the potential to enhance security while reducing workforce needs. The continued networking of security solutions and expansion of the Internet of Things – with the flow of data growing ever faster – could make security an ever-present component of an all-encompassing digital framework. But what else awaits? And how will the industry – and society – address the inevitable impact of these developments on privacy, ethics, the legal system, even the economy and international relations? Imagine.

Like other technologies, security offers indications that it is at an inflection point marking a transition from labor-saving equipment to labor-replacing solutions, from machines that workers use to machines that do the work themselves. Will this actually happen? And what will it look like if it does? Or will events proceed in an entirely different direction? Security 2040 will offer the forecasts of some of the industry’s premier thinkers in response to these and other forward-looking questions. Imagine.

Security 2040

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Want to contribute your expertise to SIA's Security 2040 project? This is a SIA member-driven project; if your firm is a SIA member and you want to contribute, please send us a note through the form below and our team will be in touch.

Security 2040