SIA OSDP Verified

Comprehensive Testing to Ensure Interoperability

OSDP Verified

What is SIA OSDP Verified?

SIA OSDP Verified is a comprehensive testing program that validates that a device conforms to the SIA Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) standard and the related performance profiles. Products that are OSDP Verified are displayed in the OSDP Verified Product List and can use the SIA OSDP Verified mark in marketing materials (See the SIA OSDP Brand and Visual Guidelines for usage details).

The SIA OSDP Verified mark instills confidence in integrators, specifiers and practitioners that OSDP devices will work as intended for various types of access control use cases. Our third-party testing lab verification ensures OSDP Verified products meet the stringent OSDP standards.

OSDP Supported vs. OSDP Verified

A company can claim that its device “supports OSDP” or  is “OSDP compliant”; however, only those devices that have been successfully third-party tested by OSDP experts can claim to be “OSDP Verified".

To authenticate OSDP Verified claims, users should look for the OSDP Verified logo on data sheets and use SIA’s OSDP Verified Product List.

Find OSDP Verified Products

When you need interoperable, high-security access control solutions, ask for products bearing the OSDP Verified mark. These products have been tested and verified to meet the stringent SIA OSDP standards.

Ready to Get Verified?

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