ANSI/SIA OSIPS-01:2008 | Open, Systems Integration and Performance Standards –  Framework

Scope and Benefits

The OSIPS Framework is a foundational standard in the OSIPS family of standards.

This activity is a part of the systems integration standardization work that is a part of OSIPS. It is an essential part of all OSIPS system integration standards. The process of communicating between disparate devices is not terribly complex if certain assumptions are valid. The list of assumptions includes the assumption that there exists a path through which communications may be conducted, that there is a mutually acceptable method to section up the messages and cause them to move along the chosen path and that the content of the messages is understandable by all communicating parties.

The scope of this document is to provide a foundation for separately developed standards. As such it is binding independent The OSIPS Framework addresses the several model elements that span all component interface models and consumers.

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