ANSI/SIA MSD-01-2000 | Mobile Security Devices Standard – Monitoring Practices for False Dispatch Prevention

Scope and Benefits

This standard details the operations and procedures accepted by the security industry as necessary to ensure a minimum of erroneous requests for public safety response.

This standard is intended to provide a basis for self regulation of entities that monitor MSDs and entities that provide products that are used for the monitoring of MSDs and to establish criteria for the responsible use of MSD technology as it relates to interactions with public safety response agencies.

This standard applies to those security devices, or combination of devices, that are mobile in nature, that may be installed in motor vehicles or other conveyances or may be carried by pedestrians, that are used for the purpose of personal safety and/or asset protection and that transmit assistance requests to monitoring centers. This standard is intended for implementation by all entities that are involved with the monitoring of MSDs. It is meant to serve as a model for elaboration and incorporation into the policy and procedure of individual monitoring centers.

Sponsoring Subcommittee or Working Group

Intrusion Subcommittee

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