ANSI/SIA PIR-01-2000 | Passive Infrared Motion Detector Standard – Features for Enhancing False Alarm Immunity Standard

Scope and Benefits

This standard details recommended design features for passive infrared detectors to reduce the incidence of false alarms when the detectors are used in security systems. For the purposes of this standard, passive infrared detectors include detectors that incorporate passive infrared elements with other technologies. The features contained herein are applicable to both residential and commercial properties protected by an electronic security system.

This standard addresses detector features in terms of their technical feasibility and economic viability at the date of publication. These features are considered to provide a good level of false alarm protection for general use in commercial and residential applications.

This standard is intended for use by manufacturers in the design of passive infrared detectors. It is also intended for reference by all affected parties, including security system installers, specifiers and users; central station owners and operators; manufacturers of central station products, such as receivers and automation software; and local authorities.

Sponsoring Subcommittee or Working Group

Intrusion Subcommittee

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