DC-01-1988 (R2001.04) | DCS Computer Interface (CIS-1) Technical Report

Scope and Benefits

This specification describes a standard for the interface between signal processing computers and signal receivers. This technical report is intended for use in the alarm industry, with possible uses in the areas of energy control and facilities monitoring and management.

Manufactures of computers and receivers can adopt this standard to establish a common interface format. The common interface format provides an across-the board compatibility of equipment designed to the specification, regardless of manufacturer. This Computer Interface Technical Report provides for all the known communication needs between the computer and receiver and or transmitter. Basic “codes” for commonly used functions are defined. Extensions to these basic codes are provided for (and will likely vary from one manufacturer to the next). Responsibility for documentation and implementation specifics of the extensions will rest solely with the manufacturers. These extensions can be integrated into the report later through the procedure outlined in Section 9, Standard Enforcement and Revision.

Sponsoring Subcommittee or Working Group

Intrusion Subcommittee

Year Published




Document Type

Technical Report

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