SIA OSDP Verified Program Process, Pricing & Application

OSDP Verification Process

  1. Application submitted to SIA (Complete application below)
  2. Pretest call with SIA to coordinate technical aspects of the application, logistics and testing dates
  3. Lab testing and report creation
  4. Post-test call to review the report and discuss findings and remediation options
  5. Device information updated to OSDP Verified list for all passed tests; OSDP Verified marks and services distributed to applicant

Program Pricing

Device TypePrice
Peripheral Device - Basic$10,000
PD - ExtendedStarts at $10,000
PD - Secure Channel$13,500
PD - Smart Card$14,500
PD - BiometricStarts at $14,500
Access Control Unit ProfilesStarts at $13,500

SIA OSDP Verified Program Application

Complete this application form to submit your device for OSDP verification.

The SIA OSDP verification program is designed to be fair, consultative and nonpunitive. After acceptance of this application, applicants will be walked through the testing criteria, given remediation advice and educated on best practices to improve device interoperability. After applying, your team will be contacted to schedule a pretesting call to review some of the technical aspects of the application, discuss logistics and schedule testing for OSDP Verified.