SIA OSDP Verified Program Process, Pricing & Application

OSDP Verified program eligibility

Any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Private Labeler (PL) of peripheral device(s) or access control unit(s) as defined in the OSDP Standard may submit their devices to be OSDP Verified.

See below to get started, or if you have any questions contact Cameron Walker-Miller 

OEMs or PLs must be SIA Members to participate in the OSDP Verified Program. To become a SIA Member please visit here.

The OSDP Verified Advantage

  • Instill consumer confidence with added validation from a third-party test laboratory
  • Confirmation of compliance to SIA’s OSDP standard with testing from experienced professionals
  • Usage of exclusive OSDP Verified logos and a product listing on the OSDP website
  • Improved understanding of OSDP implementation through findings and feedback from OSDP test report
  • Consultative process that provides vendors with implementation and remediation guidance based on implementation best practices
  • Nonpunitive: OSDP Verified lists devices that have passed testing. It does not list devices that have failed.

OSDP Verified Application Process

  1. Application
    1. Applicant submits a completed application to SIA.
    2. SIA schedules an interview with the applicant and third-party test laboratory to review the application and process.
    3. Applicant signs certification agreement and pays for application fees.
  2. Evaluation
    1. Applicant ships device and all applicable documents and tools to third-party test laboratory.
    2. Third-party test laboratory evaluates the device submitted per the OSDP standard.
    3. Third-party test laboratory submits findings to applicant and SIA.
    4. SIA schedules an interview with the applicant and third-party test laboratory to review evaluation results.
    5. If corrective actions are issued, applicant will address any corrective actions and resubmit the device for reevaluation.
  3. Verified
    1. SIA will notify applicant when device completes evaluation successfully meeting all requirements per the OSDP standard.
    2. SIA will send the applicant the finalized certification agreement, the OSDP Verified logos, and a welcome letter.
    3. SIA will list the device on the OSDP Verified Product List.

OSDP Verified Pricing Structure

OSDP Verified pricing is dependent on the number of device family and models per device family. A OSDP device family is defined as unique combination of device type, firmware version, and OSDP profile. A device family include the test of one model, each additional model within a device family will have an additional fee. The table below is intended to provide an estimate cost of verifying their OSDP devices. An interview meeting will be scheduled after the application is submitted and allow SIA to provide a final quote.

Program Pricing

Device TypeProfileDevice FamilyEach Additional Model
Peripheral DeviceSmart Card or Biometric$14,500-$16,500$1,000
Peripheral DeviceSecure$13,500$1,000
Access Control UnitAll Profiles$14,500-$20,000$2,500-$5,000