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Video: It’s Time to Act on School Security

To stress the importance of investing in K-12 school safety, SIA produced a video with partners from the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools and from Safe and Sound Schools. Learn why it’s time to act.

SIA is actively tracking a wide range of issues for our members. Pressing topics to include border security, IoT regulations, regulatory relief related to power requirements of life-safety and security systems, and the ongoing issue of funding for airport security, school security, and body-worn camera systems.

Regulatory Relief

External power supplies (EPS) used in security and/or life safety systems, due to the “always on” nature of such equipment, must be exempted from federal energy efficiency standards for standby mode. Learn why SIA supports S. 190/H.R. 511 the Power and Security Systems (PASS) Act.

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School Safety

SIA is committed to promoting safe and secure learning environments for our children, where technology is a vital component.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

SIA opposes cuts to non-disaster FEMA grants. Learn why such grants are instrumental in protecting America’s critical infrastructure.

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SIA members play an important role in helping the federal government achieve the key cybersecurity and national security protections called for in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, and SIA supports the development of a federal IT modernization fund.

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Tax Reform

SIA supports comprehensive tax reform that helps businesses and encourages economic growth, including changes to the tax code that would allow businesses to fully expense the cost of implementing safety and security measures that benefit their customers and employees.

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Patent Reform

SIA supports legislation that cracks down on abuses by patent trolls, which thwart technological innovation and cost manufacturers millions of dollars each year.

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Airport Security

Safe and secure air travel is the expectation of every passenger and it is critical that airports are able to update security strategies in response to evolving threats – and to properly fund such infrastructure improvements.

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Border Security

SIA believes that between points of entry, security technology can play a key role in providing persistent surveillance at the border, detecting breaches of physical barriers and promoting a rapid response to border incursions, especially in areas that are otherwise difficult for the U.S. Border Patrol to monitor and protect.

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SIA advocates that the federal government should play a key role in fostering investment in the communications infrastructure that supports IoT and collaboration between the public and private sectors to eliminate barriers to deployment.

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Body Worn Camera Systems

SIA supports efforts to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies for the implementation of body-worn camera systems. Learn more about this timely issue.

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Get Involved in SIA Government Relations

Our active committees help SIA members like you shape public policy and be the first to know about regulations and legislation that could impact your business.

Alarm Systems

SIA Supports Common Sense Alarm Legislation in Maryland

The Security Industry Association (SIA) recently testified in support of two bills before the Maryland General Assembly—Maryland House Bill (HB) 645 and Maryland HB 1117. Maryland’s HB 645 would update long-outdated local regulations by providing a statewide exemption for wireless, low-voltage alarm systems from electrical permitting requirements. These requirements were established when wired systems were…

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School Security Resources from Security Industry Association

How SIA Works to Enhance School Security

Approximately 50 million students attend 100,000 public schools in the United States. These schools are where young minds are sharpened and where tomorrow’s leaders are forged, and the Security Industry Association (SIA) is dedicated to working to enhance the safety and security of the students, staff and faculty at these learning environments. In the wake…

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Tax Incentives for Security Systems and Fire Protection Systems

SIA Explains Tax Incentives for Security and Fire Protection Systems in New Fact Sheet

The Security Industry Association (SIA) today released a fact sheet, “New Tax Incentives for Security and Fire Protection Systems,” to explain how new U.S. tax reforms allow many businesses to deduct the full cost of security and fire protection systems as an expense for the tax year in which they are placed in service. Under…

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The Security Buzz: February 16, 2018

Florida’s governor and lawmakers joined together in a call for change to prevent future tragedy after the recent school shooting. The incoming Senate president is proposing $100 million for mental health programs for schools and more to harden them against attacks. SIA supports efforts to improve the safety and security of U.S. K-12 schools. To learn…

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