OSDP Verified Products

When you need interoperable, high-security access control solutions, choose products bearing the OSDP Verified mark.

SIA OSDP Verified is a comprehensive testing program that validates that a device conforms to the SIA Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) standard and the related performance profiles.

Use this guide to find and explore products that have been verified to meet the OSDP standards. Devices in this listing have been tested and found to meet the criteria for the standard and the profiles indicated within the listing.

Please note that verification does not automatically mean interoperability – there are still design considerations that an implementer must account for when deploying an SIA OSDP system.

OSDP Profiles

  • Basic: These devices are Wiegand replacements; they provide the supervision benefits of a bidirectional protocol, protecting them from the common person-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Secure: These devices meet the Basic profile but can also handle encrypted messages using Secure Channel and can enter and exit Basic and Secure modes as claimed.
  • Smart card: These devices can handle the transfer of structured data units required for smart card operations, which allows for use in Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management and Personal Identity Verification environments among others.
  • Biometric: These devices can utilize OSDP messages to read and match biometric templates.

Ready to Get Verified?

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