School Safety

Our Goal: A Safe Learning Environment for Every Student

About 50 million students attend 100,000 public schools in the United States, and the Security Industry Association is dedicated to working to enhance the safety and security of those facilities. SIA cofounded the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS), worked with lawmakers to support the Congressional School Safety Caucus, and advocates for legislative and regulatory measures that will help to provide students with a safe environment in which to learn.

K-12 School Security: What SIA Recommends

  • Restart federal assistance to schools struggling with the cost of meeting security needs.
  • Promote adoption of successful state school security assistance programs and initiatives.
  • Encourage nationwide use of best practices and sensible standards for school security.
  • Strengthen partnerships with local government, education professionals and law enforcement to promote deployment of effective technologies that enhance school safety and security.
  • Improve awareness related to school safety and security and increase training for staff, teachers, students and parents on school security risks and related best practices.

SIA Position Statements

Support for Funding of DOJ School Security Grants

SIA publicly supports appropriations to fund existing DOJ grants and has filed a letter of request

SIA Position on Classroom Barricade Devices

SIA joined colleagues at the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools to clarify a position on the appropriate use of barricade devices.

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Resources for School Security and Safety

Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS)

PASS developed as SIA and NSCA tried to answer questions from the education community about what can be done to better secure K-12 schools and how these security projects can be funded. Because budgets are tight and since security threats are statistically rare when a school system makes an investment in security, PASS created guidelines to ensure funding is spent on the right solutions.

What the PASS Guidelines Offer:

  • Define threats common to schools at each educational level
  • Offer recommendations on parental and community involvement
  • Detail a layered security approach that combats common threats and mitigates risks related to active shooters
  • Provide information for integrators, school administrators, resource officers, and IT staff on technology-focused solutions like video surveillance, duress alarms, and electronic access control
  • Deliver scalable/tiered measures that administrators can implement based on available resources and local risk levels

Download Pass Guidelines

Other School Safety Resources

Congressional School Safety Caucus

Launched by Reps. Rick Larsen (D-WA) and Susan Brooks (R-IN) in 2016, the Caucus regularly holds briefings related to school security and safety and represents a variety of interests. The Security Industry Association has collaborated with the Caucus for presentations on Capitol Hill as well as the annual SIA GovSummit, a conference focused on connecting government, security and technology leaders.

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Secure Schools Alliance

The Alliance has launched a national conversation about the issue of school safety, engaging education, industry, public safety, law enforcement, corporate and community leaders to work together to address it through research, pilot programs, the promotion of best practices, and the raising of funds. Among other valuable resources, the Alliance website provides a state-by-state analysis of policy and funding addressing school security improvements, a listing of available assessment tools, and tracking of state and federal legislation related to school security.

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Safe and Sound Schools

The Safe and Sound Schools organization, a non-profit founded by parents, teachers and community members in the wake of the attack on Newtown, Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School, offers a vast resource library to help communities improve school safety.

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National School Board Association

The National School Board Association's website provides an in-depth collection of articles and resources on school safety and crisis management.

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The School Superintendents Association

The School Superintendents Association website offers its "ABC's of School Safety," an overview of school safety organized under three categories: Awareness, Balance, and Control. The site also provides links to other school safety resources.

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National Parent Teacher Association

The National Parent Teacher Association provides resources on student safety, including an extensive collection of PTA-focused violence prevention recommendations. The site also provides information on "Connect for Respect," a bullying prevention program.

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Campus Security Coalition

Developed by SIA member companies, the Campus Security Coalition provides news and trends on security and safety, as well as information about grants to schools offered by the Coalition.

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