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Developing the Security Solutions of the Future: Focusing on Intervention and Prevention to Add Value and Effectiveness

Traditional professional and do-it-yourself (DIY) alarm systems are too limited to address today’s challenges of protecting people…

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What Recurring Monthly Revenue Means for Integrators: As Use of the Cloud Expands, So Do Opportunities for RMR

The recurring monthly revenue concept in the security industry was once defined as integrators monitoring and managing…

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video intercom

Video Intercoms in a Post-Pandemic World: How Residential Security Systems Have Taken On New Functions

During the past year and a half, our homes have become much more than living spaces. They…

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access control concept

The Key to Modern Access Control: How Biometric Solutions Can Offer Both Security and Convenience

Meeting the security challenges of modern office environments is a complex and long-standing issue for many organizations.…

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touchless entry in office building

Touchless Entry Is Here to Stay: How Modifications to Building Access Promote Both Security and Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immense impact on nearly every aspect of our lives, including how…

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cloud concept

Moving Video Security to the Cloud: How Cloud Technology Can Offer Functionality and Flexibility

The use of the cloud is increasing globally as more organizations look to reap the benefits of…

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