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Using AI Technology to Mitigate Risk and Enhance Productivity

Software can relieve workers of an increasing number of tasks Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent…

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parking lot

How AI Solutions Make Parking Lots Smarter – and More Secure

Artificial intelligence solutions promote a better, safer customer experience Parking lots and garages are the third most…

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How External Illumination Benefits License Plate Recognition

More Light Equals Improved Analytics Invented in 1976 at the Police Scientific Development Branch in Britain, automated…

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data visualization

Visualization and Delivering Data to Enhance Situational Awareness

Visualization solutions can enable better and faster decision making Critical decision making requires access to information. Organizations…

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Using Crowdsourcing to Secure Events

Deployment of a reporting app can vastly increase situational awareness, responsiveness Now that the event industry has…

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Facial Recognition for Access Control: Efficient, Convenient and Accurate

Systems that identify enrolled individuals are the most effective and least controversial Like so many other sectors…

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