SIA advocates for smart solutions to transportation security challenges, including aviation security, rail security, and more. SIA Government Relations has made transportation security concerns a top priority at the annual SIA GovSummit while continuing discussions as to transportation security solutions with various federal agencies around the year.

Security Industry Association (SIA)
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Security Industry Association and International Biometrics + Identity Association Oppose Adding Extraneous Prohibitions on TSA Use of Facial Biometrics in Potential FAA Measure

SILVER SPRING, Md. – The Security Industry Association (SIA) and the International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) have urged Congress to oppose inclusion in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization measure of an extraneous provision seeking to prohibit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from using facial recognition technology. In an April 15, 2024, letter to Sens. Maria…

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Calls to End Biometrics for Air Traveler Verification Are Misguided, Put Americans at Risk

In a recent letter to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), several U.S. senators have called for ending the successful and popular use of facial recognition technology for traveler verification at TSA screening checkpoints. Unfortunately, the senators’ demand is based on mischaracterizations despite visible information provided by TSA on how the technology is used. It’s always…

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Leveraging AI for People Screening: Millimeter Wave Tech and Deep Learning Can Produce Effective, Automated Virtual Searches

Despite advancements in security technologies across nearly every industry, options for screening people have largely remained the same for more than a decade. People screening for loss prevention, data center security, high-value manufacturing, event security and other use cases generally relies upon low-tech and personnel-intensive measures like physical searches, pat-downs and metal detection systems. Some…

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The Still Essential 90-Year-Old Technology: Radar Can Do What Visual Security Solutions Alone Cannot

Since 1934, when radio detection and ranging was introduced to the U.S. military, radar has added value to numerous applications across a wide range of industries. Utilizing microwaves to determine the range, angle and velocity of objects, radar’s dynamic ability to map human and vehicle movement and deliver early warnings of intruder activity has made…

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How Uber Is Scaling Enterprise Risk Management at the Speed of Global Transportation



Leveraging the power of its platform, learn how Uber navigates a challenging security landscape by utilizing technology and other means to enable the business, secure company assets, foster diversity and ensure the safety of riders and drivers across the world. Hear how Uber has experienced real changes in its service operations requiring the company to quickly adapt to meet the needs of its customers in new areas of mobility and food delivery – and what this means for security and risk management. In addition, you’ll learn how Uber has pivoted to ensure business continuity amid the current global pandemic, and how Uber is delivering a corporate response to support social justice and becoming a driver of positive change.

Presenter: Charles Burns, Global Head of Security Engagement, Uber


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