A physical security information system (PSIM) enables security directors and operators to manage a security enterprise from one central location. Integrators, a key SIA constituency, often hold responsibility for ensuring separate security system components work together through a PSIM or other means.

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Integrating Technologies, Security and Privacy: Hospital Security Systems Must Do More Than Lock Doors and Record Video

Health care facilities are faced with a considerable number of challenges. The responsibility to balance security with a welcoming and therapeutic environment demands a unique approach that involves security leaders, the IT department and the C-suite. Paramount to this idea is executing a multilayered strategy that includes creative security solutions, staff safety training and the…

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Omdia Physical Security Vertical Market Assessment: Federal, State and Local Government report cover
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Physical Security Vertical Market Assessment: Federal, State & Local Government

This 2021 vertical market report, produced by Omdia exclusively for SIA, assesses the U.S. market for physical security equipment in federal, state and local government. It examines key market drivers and barriers for the government security vertical, how federal versus state and local governments handle contractor selection and funding and how to win business with government entities.


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SIA Technology Insights Summer 2021 publication cover
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SIA Technology Insights – Summer 2021

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In every issue of SIA Technology Insights, we try to look to the cutting edge (and sometimes even to the bleeding edge) of security technology, to ensure you stay current with the steady whir of technology change. This edition examines the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on security operations, from touchless access control to temperature screening, as well as topics like how security technology is evolving from detection to intervention and prevention.

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Developing the Security Solutions of the Future: Focusing on Intervention and Prevention to Add Value and Effectiveness

Traditional professional and do-it-yourself (DIY) alarm systems are too limited to address today’s challenges of protecting people and property. To meet these challenges, systems must evolve from the detection of security breaches to active intervention and, ultimately, prevention. Although technologies exist that allow systems to provide active intervention, there are a number of obstacles to…

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