Access Control

A key segment of the security industry, access control solutions include those technologies and measures that control access and enable legitimate entry to a physical or logical resource. Many SIA members manufacture, integrate, distribute or service access control technologies, and as such the association places a high priority on following trends, developments and innovations in the area.

sti puppy movement
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The Puppy Movement

A new vision for security When we think of security, we often think of products. We think of fences with concertina wire on top, big bold cement blocks, or at the very minimum a jersey barrier to prevent vehicular threats. We think of armed soldiers walking the streets in Europe and stationed in “places of…

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BQT Solutions
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New Member Profile: BQT Solutions

BQT Solutions America Inc., based in San Diego, California, develops, manufactures and supplies security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks, and related electronic security products. And BQT Solutions recently joined the Security Industry Association (SIA)! To learn more about BQT Solutions, we chatted with Daniel DeBlasio, Vice President of Sales, North America. Find more details…

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Mobile Credentials
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Everything Changes: Integrating Mobile Credential with Push Notification

In 2018, what is one of the technologies in our industry that is ripe for “game change”? Where will we see the rules of the game change forever in access control and how? In a word:  Credentials. Why do we make this claim? Three main reasons: Smartphone-based credentials are inherently more secure. Smartphone-based credentials can…

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Tax Incentives for Security Systems and Fire Protection Systems
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SIA Explains Tax Incentives for Security and Fire Protection Systems in New Fact Sheet

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The Security Industry Association (SIA) today released a fact sheet, “New Tax Incentives for Security and Fire Protection Systems,” to explain how new U.S. tax reforms allow many businesses to deduct the full cost of security and fire protection systems as an expense for the tax year in which they are placed in service. Under…

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SIA Opposes Right to Repair Legislation


Recently, the Security Industry Association (SIA) expressed opposition to legislation that requires original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of digital electronic products to disclose proprietary diagnostic, source code and repair information to independent repair shop owners (IRO) under a concept known as “Right to Repair.” So far in 2018, lawmakers in five states have introduced Right to…

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