The SIA Retail Security Interest Group unites retailers in one place where they can exchange best practices as well as concerns for protecting their property. SIA retail partners have developed tactics for maximizing their security investment, including deploying video surveillance to optimize customers experience through observing their behavior.

CCTV tower
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The Unique Benefits of CCTV Towers: Overt Security Has Its Advantages

Retailers have had cameras, both inside and outside their stores, since the VCR made it economical. Traditionally, the cameras have been hidden in corners, mounted on light poles, or attached to the sides of buildings. But that is changing. Now when visiting retailers, customers might actually notice the cameras because they are not subtly installed…

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SIA Tech Brief
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SIA Tech Brief: Upgrade Path to AI –Video Over IP, Sensor Fusion and Aggregation of AI Processors

Introduction Many market researchers (Forbes, Gartner, Deloitte) predict the biggest growth in artificial intelligence (AI) will be in workforce augmentation, not automation. AI algorithms train with data sets to recognize a threat and run a series of repetitive tasks, check outcome effectiveness, then optimize the process and repeat. Many employers (including Amazon) are requiring managers…

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How Video, Big Data and Analytics Are Providing Insights and Driving Efficiency in the Retail Sector

It’s no secret that the retail industry is growing more competitive by the day as brick-and-mortar store owners attempt to hold their own against online behemoths offering reduced prices and fast shipping. In this environment, customer experience is becoming increasingly intertwined with sales. Thanks to recent advancements in video capture and data management, retailers are…

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Technology Recommendations for Incident Monitoring and Investigations in Retail

The Security Industry Association’s Public Safety Working Group and Retail Security Interest Group have collaborated to develop detailed information on recommended technologies supporting incident monitoring and investigations in the retail sector. Here you will find a list of security solutions aiming to improve security for retail owners and assist law enforcement in conducting investigations against petty…

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Indoor positioning systems beacons
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Applying Indoor Positioning Systems: A Primer for Integrators and Security Specialists

This paper reports on modern indoor positioning system (IPS) technologies that utilize personal smart mobile devices, or non-personal non-smart mobile devices (object tags and beacons),for purposes of locating and tracking people and objects. The greatest attention is given to technologies that incorporate smartphones. Smartphones are of special interest to IPS manufacturers, because smartphone users are…

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