SIA administers CP-01, The False Alarm Reduction Standard, which saves time and money for alarm owners and first responders. In many ways, alarms are the most traditional part of a security enterprise, and SIA works with partners in the alarm industry to facilitate interoperability, connectivity and redundancy of alarm systems.

video surveillance
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Four Video Surveillance Trends Alarm Companies Need to Know

Emerging Technologies Can Strengthen Partnerships, Build RMR During the past two years, organizations around the globe have increased their reliance on video surveillance. The explanation as to why is both simple and intricate all at once: Video has become the source of advanced security and operational insights that enables leaders to adapt to the contemporary…

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intelligent video monitoring
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Turning Security From Reactive to Proactive

Intelligent Video Monitoring Can Be Used to Prevent, Not Just Investigate, Crimes Video surveillance has become the primary data source for security and insights that help businesses operate. Typically, video is a reactive process used to investigate a crime after damage has been done. But more impactful solutions are now available. Proactive video monitoring (PVM)…

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audio alarm

Using Audio for Alarm Verification: Hearing Plus Seeing Increases Situational Awareness and Reduces False Alarms

Alarm-based security systems have a long history. The first systems proliferated after World War I, when an increase in property crime created a need for homeowners and businesses in the United States to find creative ways to protect their property. Around the same time, insurance companies began offering premium discounts to alarm subscribers, which drove…

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Physical Security Vertical Market Assessment: U.S. Data Centers report cover
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Physical Security Vertical Market Assessment: U.S. Data Centers

This 2022 vertical market report, produced by Omdia exclusively for SIA, assesses the U.S. market for physical security equipment in data centers. It examines key drivers and barriers for the data center market, how COVID-19 has impacted data centers and how to win business with data center security leaders.


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SIA Technology Insights – Spring 2020

In every issue of SIA Technology Insights, we try to look to the cutting edge (and sometimes even to the bleeding edge) of security technology, to ensure you stay current with the steady whir of technology change. This edition examines the new world of security, where everything is online, machines are learning to perform tasks and threats can come from anywhere in the world.

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