Four Video Surveillance Trends Alarm Companies Need to Know

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Emerging Technologies Can Strengthen Partnerships, Build RMR

During the past two years, organizations around the globe have increased their reliance on video surveillance.

The explanation as to why is both simple and intricate all at once: Video has become the source of advanced security and operational insights that enables leaders to adapt to the contemporary business environment.

And as the importance of video data has grown, intelligence has also been added to the fold.

Market Adoption 

Woodie Andrawos headshot
Woodie Andrawos is president of National Monitoring Center.

When the coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020, many offices were left vacant. This meant that there were fewer individuals onsite to deter criminals from breaking in and stealing valuable equipment or, possibly worse, private data and trade secrets. This is where security monitoring services demonstrated their value.

Security monitoring centers were critical partners to enterprises all over the world during this time. Operators served as the eyes and ears of the businesses, diligently monitoring for alarms and unauthorized entries.

While alarm monitoring continues to be the backbone of the security industry, there are other technologies that have been introduced that enhance this service. Technology and innovation continue to advance at record speed, affecting every part of the security market. Keeping an eye on technology trends is critical to the future of an alarm business.

There are opportunities ahead to expand alarm company offerings, enhance relationships with central station partners, and prepare for new areas of growth as video surveillance evolves in the coming years.

Building Revenue With Video

Recurring monthly revenue (RMR) has been transformed. As demand has propelled video-as-a-service offerings, many integrators and dealers have embraced a video-based RMR business model. While the concept remains the same, options are now available that can boost RMR more than ever before, such as proactive video monitoring. (See below.) Not only does this service deliver high-value RMR, it also helps alarm companies to develop stronger connections with their customers, leading to more trusting relationships that deliver opportunities for continued partnerships and growth.

Intelligence Abounds

The connected world is shaped by demands for productivity and optimized experiences. However, connections and data mining cannot occur without transformative technologies. Emerging technologies – the AI-enabled devices and platforms being designed today – have dramatically changed how we protect our people, property and assets. Comprehensive systems must sustain openness and efficiently integrate with other devices and services to provide quick scalability and long-term return on investment. As more AI-based solutions are deployed, the opportunity to incorporate them into a video monitoring platform is highly valuable.

Thinking Proactively 

The security industry has long been a reactive market. Traditionally, security leaders fund services and technologies that support the investigation of a crime after the fact. But times have changed. Modern solutions intelligently evaluate a problem and deliver the details required to stop an event before it becomes a complex and costly situation. Proactive video monitoring (PVM) is one of these solutions. Whereas conventional video surveillance can only support solving crimes after they have occurred, PVM is about stopping crimes. PVM directs immediate attention to unauthorized activity, allowing the video monitoring provider to intercede and inform local authorities before harm is done.

To Security and Beyond

Expectations regarding the use of video are growing. More businesses are looking to implement solutions that sustain intelligent processes across their infrastructure. They are evaluating and testing AI-supported strategies that supervise traffic flow, recognize trespassers in high-risk locations, and reduce fraud. The value of intelligent solutions is exceptional: They can aid businesses in identifying the video data that matters most to the company and produce considerably more promising results than traditional approaches.

Rapid technological advancement is happening across the industry, but at least one thing has remained unchanged: Security and safety are the highest priority. This fact will continue to drive video surveillance partnerships, integration and innovation onward, while promoting the development of new solutions.