Video Surveillance

The most rapidly growing sector of the security industry is undoubtedly video surveillance, which has seen fast adoption with a boost in video quality and a drop in system prices. Video surveillance systems empower security personnel to see across vast enterprises, but they also provide other benefits such as demonstrating patterns in customer behavior.

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Regulation Implementing NDAA Procurement Ban Announced

On the afternoon of Aug. 7, 2019, the pre-publication version of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) rule implementing the first subsection of the procurement prohibition on certain Chinese telecommunications and video surveillance equipment was posted. It is anticipated that the rule will be published in the Federal Register as early as Thursday, Aug. 8 (…

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hazardous area

Hazard Counting: How Hardened Video Cameras Can Secure the Most Dangerous of Sites

Video surveillance technology is a key component of security plans for enterprise organizations. And nowhere is this more true than at oil and gas production sites, critical infrastructure facilities, and manufacturing locations that are considered “hazardous environments.” Here, protection, safety and security go hand-in-hand with operations management, and video technology is at the heart of…

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Spring 2019 SIA Technology Insights
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SIA Technology Insights – Spring 2019

In every issue of SIA Technology Insights, we try to look to the cutting edge (and sometimes even to the bleeding edge) of security technology, to ensure you stay current with the steady whir of technology change. This edition examines the new world of security, where everything is online, machines are learning to perform tasks and threats can come from anywhere in the world.

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artificial intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance: Advantages Over Previous Technologies

The speed of development of artificial intelligence (AI) has aided its adoption in several industries, and the physical security market is increasingly looking to adopt AI applications, particularly in the case of deep learning algorithms in the video surveillance market. AI in Physical Security, a white paper produced for SIA in partnership with IHS Markit,…

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A Guide to Video Management Systems and Key Solutions They Provide

Beyond improvements in media storage and accessibility, video management systems offer customers a range of customizable software solutions, powered with standards-based technologies that are interoperable with various physical safety and security devices. This guide provides an outline for thought when analyzing system types and design for management of network security cameras. Video Management System Types…

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security camera

A Guide to Essential Types of Security Cameras and When to Use Each Type of Camera

Surveillance cameras (sometimes also called security cameras and even occasionally still referred to as CCTV cameras) come in all different shapes and sizes and with many different capabilities and functional design, allowing for high performance in various applications. Security cameras can be organized by multiple categories and can include features from multiple categories: Category 1: …

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Technology Recommendations for Incident Monitoring and Investigations in Retail

The Security Industry Association’s Public Safety Working Group and Retail Security Interest Group have collaborated to develop detailed information on recommended technologies supporting incident monitoring and investigations in the retail sector. Here you will find a list of security solutions aiming to improve security for retail owners and assist law enforcement in conducting investigations against petty…

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