The most rapidly growing sector of the security industry is undoubtedly video surveillance, which has seen fast adoption with a boost in video quality and a drop in system prices. Video surveillance systems empower security personnel to see across vast enterprises, but they also provide other benefits such as demonstrating patterns in customer behavior.

Vehicle inspections at border crossing
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Enhancing Vehicle Inspections with Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision “sees” details that can match cars to a database and identify threats Technology offers new ways to close the gap in how we approach security challenges. Vehicle inspection and identification no longer have to rely solely on guards using mirrors and observing license plates. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can do more with…

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SIA Comments on NDAA Section 889 Part B Implementation Rules
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SIA’s Comments on NDAA Section 889 Part B Implementing Rules

SIA provided its comments on the interim final rule issued by the Federal Acquisition Regulatory (FAR) Council on July 14, 2020, which implements Section 889(a)(1)(B), known as “Part B.” Effective August 13, 2020, the rule prohibits agencies from contracting with entities that use covered telecommunications and video surveillance equipment and services provided by certain China-based firms, or any equipment, system, or service that uses these products.

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