Keynote Announced! Vertical Insights Symposium on Retail Security

SIA Vertical Insights Symposium: Retail Security, Kennarios Kirk, Sr., senior regional manager, loss prevention, Amazon

On Nov. 8, join the Security Industry Association (SIA) for a free virtual symposium on retail security! From shoplifting to sweethearting to disgruntled customers, retail outlets face growing challenges in securing their assets and protecting their staff and patrons. During this next offering in the SIA Vertical Insights Symposium series, experts from the retail and security worlds will address these issues in the context of pandemic impacts, the shift to online shopping, revised theft laws in certain states and other factors.

Attendees will enjoy a dynamic keynote presentation from

Speakers at this informative, engaging virtual conference include:

  • Keynote Speaker: Kennarios Kirk, Sr., senior regional manager of logistics loss prevention, Amazon
  • Tony D'Onofrio, CEO and managing director, Global Retail Business Unit, Prosegur
  • David Lake, co-founder and CEO, Shadow Economy
  • Troy McCanna, vice president, enterprise solutions, Robotic Assistance Devices
  • Jeffrey Slotnick, president, Setracon
  • Michael Taylor, vice president of global sales, Identiv
  • Scott Thomas, national sales director, signature brands, Genetec

in addition to the following informative, engaging sessions:

  • A practitioner discussion on innovative loss prevention strategies, moderated by the Loss Prevention Research Council
  • Analysis of the impact of organized retail crime, active assailants and other threats
  • Examination of available technology solutions

As a bonus, all event attendees will receive a copy of SIA's forthcoming Practitioner Insights report on the state of retail security and loss prevention.

The symposium, produced by SIA with support from Genetec and Identiv, is scheduled for Nov. 8 from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. EST. Sign up for free today!