Academic Membership in SIA: Designed for Students & Faculty

Security Industry Association Academic Membership

For Students

Academic membership in SIA will help you grow your knowledge of and your career in the security industry by providing you with resources and networking opportunities – all with the goal of helping you land a role with a SIA member company.

For Faculty Members

Academic membership in SIA positions you as an educational leader in your field and helps connect you directly with the industry so that you can stay atop trends and align the educational needs of your students with their future employers. In addition, with options for publication and networking, academic membership in SIA can help grow your own career.

Academic Membership Options:

  • Student Academic Membership: $20/year
  • Faculty Academic Membership: $150/year OR waived if referring five or more new student members annually

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Benefits for Student Members

With a benefits package designed to help you grow your knowledge of the security profession and prepare for a career in the field of security, student members of SIA receive access to SIA reports, publications, research, webinars, email newsletters and communications, as well as access to regional networking events and participation in our RISE program for young security professionals

  • Access to all SIA publications and reports
  • Free attendance of SIAThere! events
  • SIA Update and other official SIA communications
  • IntelligentSIA: A monthly report on SIA’s activities
  • Access to SIA webinars and to members-only SIA briefings
  • Ability to join the SIA RISE program, a networking and development group for young security professionals in their 20s and 30s
  • Ability to apply for RISE scholarships (must first join the SIA RISE program)

Benefits for Faculty Members

Faculty members of SIA receive a benefits package designed to help you prepare your students as well as grow your own academic career through the publication of papers and expand your industry contacts through complimentary access to key SIA events and participation in SIA committees. Faculty members receive all student membership benefits, plus the following:

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Securing Your Career in the Security Industry


The SIA Women in Security Forum, generously supported by Intel, presents Securing Your Career in the Security Industry, a video designed to help raise awareness of the demand for talent in the security industry and the exciting and rewarding career opportunities available in this field. In the video, SIA Women in Security Forum Chair Kasia Hanson discusses how the forum supports the advancement of women in the security industry and fosters leadership roles, and Stacy Deveraux of ASSA ABLOY highlights the variety of opportunities and important mission that security offers. Young security professionals Kelsey Carnell and Morgan Khov also share their experiences working in this cutting-edge, evolving field.