SIA Academic Membership for Students

Security Industry Association Academic Membership

Becoming an academic member of the Security Industry Association (SIA) will help you grow your knowledge of and your career in the security industry by providing you with resources and networking opportunities – all with the goal of helping you land a role with a SIA member company.

What is SIA?

We are a trade association comprised of more than 1,100 of the leading companies in the security industry. Our members include manufacturers and software firms which are developing cutting-edge security solutions (drones, sensors, cyber solutions and more), and our members also include the companies that design, sell and install high-tech security systems for major corporations, government agencies, small businesses and even residential applications.

Why the security industry?

If you're looking for a rewarding and challenging career in a high-performing industry, this is it. The global security industry is worth $387 billion in annual revenues, and the industry is growing aggressively, with a nearly 10% compounded annual growth rate. What that means are strong career prospects and excellent opportunities for your personal growth as an employee.

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Benefits for Student Members

With student membership priced at only $20 and a benefits package designed to help you grow your knowledge of the security profession and prepare for a career in the field of security, student members of SIA receive access to SIA reports, publications, research, webinars, email newsletters and communications, as well as access to regional networking events and participation in our RISE community for young security professionals.

Get started. Join SIA and learn more about this dynamic, engaging industry!

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