Membership Categories

Which Member Category Best Suits Your Needs?

No two members are alike. SIA offers several membership categories to help you personalize your involvement and interaction with the association.

Regular Membership

This is the core of SIA membership. Membership benefits include complimentary attendance to select events and discounts on all other SIA events, special rates for exhibiting at ISC Events, exclusive research reports and market intelligence, discounts on other SIA products and reports, committee and working group involvement, state and federal grants information, SIA Update newsletter, voting privileges and a lot more.

Regular members include:

  • Manufacturers and equipment firms
  • Software firms and solutions developers
  • Integrators, dealers and installing companies
  • Distributors
  • Monitoring providers
  • Service providers
  • Investment firms
  • A&E firms
  • Security consulting companies


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Associate Membership

Associate membership is designed for companies that are not specialized in security or which fall within the following types of companies: research firms, manufacturer’s representatives and media and marketing companies. Members still get benefits of SIA’s official communications, exclusive reports available only to members, the invitation to select SIA events, discounts on SIA products and discounted registration to SIA events but do not receive voting privileges and are unable to serve on the SIA board and do not receive exhibitor discounts at ISC events.

Associate members include:

  • Manufacturer’s representatives
  • Research firms
  • Media organizations
  • Marketing and communications firms


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Academic Membership

For students, academic membership in SIA will help you grow your knowledge of and your career in the security industry, by providing you with resources and networking opportunities – all with the goal of helping you land a role with a SIA member company.

For faculty members, academic membership in SIA positions you as an educational leader in your field and helps connect you directly with industry so that you can stay atop trends and align the educational needs of your students with their future employers.

Academic members include:

  • Students
  • Faculty


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Organizational Membership

SIA offers a reciprocal membership for many nonprofit associations and organizations. Contact SIA Membership Director Kevin Murphy to establish a reciprocal membership for your nonprofit organization.


Have Questions? Contact us!

Please contact Kevin Murphy, SIA director of member services, at (301) 804-4716 or via email at