SIA Security Industry Careers Guide

Security solutions impact our lives every day, whether it’s the door lock and alarm system that secures a local business person’s shop or high-tech imaging systems used to keep our country’s borders safe. This exciting industry, which is represented by the Security Industry Association (SIA), offers a variety of fulfilling, high-growth career opportunities with steady income opportunities and new challenges for individuals.

From entry-level technician roles that can be learned on the job to engineering positions that require extensive higher education and customer relationship roles related to sales, support and business development, there are opportunities that match your career goals, experience and educational background. Best of all, the security industry has seen steady growth over many decades, and many companies currently indicate there is a shortage of qualified applicants for job opportunities within their businesses.

To help member companies attract future employees like you, SIA has produced the following guide to career opportunities in the security industry, particularly focused on roles at security systems integrators and security solutions manufacturers.