Security Industry Association and County Executives of America Join Forces to Bolster Public Safety and Emergency Management

Security Industry Association (SIA)

SIA and CEA pool their expertise in security technologies, local policy making to advocate for enhanced security solutions.

Silver Spring, Md. — The Security Industry Association (SIA) and the County Executives of America (CEA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) recently to share resources in support of fostering stronger approaches to public safety and emergency management.

Collaboration between SIA and CEA draws upon the technological expertise of suppliers with senior county executive’s firm grasp of local public safety needs to identify gaps in emergency preparedness that may be solved through the application of certain physical security technologies, the organizations said in their MOU.

Members of SIA and CEA are committed to developing clear channels of communication between their organizations with the goals of educating government officials about security technologies in a vendor-neutral manner while providing assistance to those officials in the development of technology roadmap that may protect U.S. citizens and national critical infrastructure from crime and terrorism. Both organizations believe harnessing the expertise of CEA senior government executive members with SIA security technology experts will help to develop solutions and best practices to address common public safety challenges.

Ultimately, SIA and CEA hope to utilize the MOU to advance the responsible use of security technologies while empowering county executives to make the best decisions about local emergency preparedness.

“This agreement will facilitate the delivery of timely information to public leaders and policymakers to keep them up to date on the best physical security solutions available to meet their objectives and resolve challenges,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson. “We have seen that local leaders require flexibility to adopt security plans and technologies that work best in their jurisdictions, whether they are responding to a threat to their local schools or augmenting resiliency in critical infrastructure such as power plants.”

To advance this goal, SIA and CEA will develop vendor-neutral best practices and case studies, produce a webcast series on technology and public policy issues affecting county governments, and coordinate advocacy activities on Capitol Hill, among other initiatives.

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