Spotlight on Body Armor for the Security Industry

Editor’s Note: Safeguard Armor contributed a report, Body Armor Safety Information for the Security Industry, to the Security Industry Association (SIA), and we are pleased to present that report below.

​The security industry encompasses a wide range of sectors, with personnel providing protection in settings as diverse as shopping malls and open seas. Many of us depend on security professionals to feel safe, whether we work in a store with a history of shoplifting or at a bar attracting the occasional aggressive drunk—they help us to go about our business knowing a trained individual, or team, is nearby if help is needed.

However, regardless of which sector of the industry employing security personnel, they may face certain risks from time to time. To stay as safe as possible, and to perform at the best of their abilities, they need the best training for all possible situations, as well as the right equipment. Depending on the level of threats security professionals may face, this equipment will vary: personnel based in shopping malls (for example) may carry handcuffs and a handgun, while those guarding cargo vessels in piracy-prone seas may use automatic weapons.

One item of equipment required by many security personnel, across all sectors, is body armor. Although it is produced in a wide range of types, all armor is manufactured for a shared reason: Protecting the wearer’s vital organs from harm, whether this is inflicted with a bullet, a blade or an improvised weapon. While working in a shopping center in an affluent area may not pose the same risks as providing close protection to a vulnerable VIP, preparation is key: Anyone armed with a gun should wear armor, in case of an accident or an attacker seizing control of their weapon. Numerous factors affect which type of body armor security personnel should wear, and, in this guide, we’ll help you to understand which protective vest will suit you best.

Read the full report, Body Armor Safety Information for the Security Industry, from Safeguard Armor.

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