Our World in 360 Degrees: Benefiting from Panoramic Technology

Security Industry Association (SIA)

It’s no secret that video camera technology is advancing. The rate at which surveillance systems are adopted increases end over end each year, and in the world of panoramic camera technology, that growth is even more significant. IHS Markit projects that global shipments of 180- and 360-degree cameras will see an increase of 60 percent year-on-year. But what makes these cameras so special?

Greater Situational Awareness. Fixed cameras have a narrow field of view, while traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras can be pointed in the wrong direction when covering a scene. Panoramic cameras, on the other hand, fill gaps in coverage to minimize liability and offer officials a complete picture of what is happening at any given time.

Increased ROI. Panoramic cameras cover a whole scene, resulting in a wider area of coverage with no blind spots. As a result, a single 360-degree camera can replace between four and five traditional cameras. This means less infrastructure is needed to cover the same scene, reducing costs significantly.

Better investigations. Many panoramic cameras on the market today offer operators the ability to simultaneously zoom into a specific area of a scene while also still capturing and recording the entire scene. Not only does this allow for better visibility for retrospective investigations, but incidents can be viewed in real-time for the best possible incident response.

Variety in verticals. Panoramic cameras are useful in a variety of vertical markets because of their ability to detect and help deter crime, while also providing the robust forensic support needed to aid investigations. Safe City applications, retail, casinos and gaming, hospitality, airports and seaports, and industrial facilities are just a few of the environments that benefit from these advanced technologies.

Today’s business and security leaders seek the best possible technology to increase security, monitor operations and ensure regulatory compliance. Panoramic cameras provide today’s modern businesses with the technology required to gain new levels of intelligence.

Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President–Americas, Oncam, discussed panoramic technology during a session of SIA Education@ISC East in November.

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