The Most Important Association Software

Some people might ask, “Why is a piece of software managing customer information relevant to me as a member?” Well, an Association Management System, also known as the AMS, is crucial to the well-being of an association.

This database software is the brain of the association; it houses member information such as contact information, meeting attendance, purchased products and even subject matter expertise. It also helps the Security Industry Association (SIA) as your association to better serve you by sending things that are relevant to you as a member. For example, we would not want to send something to you if you have no interest in SIA Government Relations but your real interest is in marketing and sales.

Our AMS empowers practical things as well. Your ease of getting into the SIA Store to purchase something depends on the AMS. The AMS makes this possible by having a Single Sign-On (SSO) to access the system. This SSO is typically your email or some sort of username stored in the AMS. So, this is another way an AMS provides value to you.

By having an exceptional AMS, SIA can offer excellent customer service, programs, products and services that fit you individually. The thing to remember is that the AMS is not simply some software you buy off the shelf; it is the backbone of the association. As such association staff members can spend a lot of time making certain that it is updated, complete and accurate in order to provide you with as much service as possible.

If a SIA staff member asks you for updated contact information, they are doing so because they want to ensure the SIA AMS is updated. Likewise, you can assist us with this daily, ongoing task by letting us know when contact information changes at your company or if individuals designated as SIA points of contact have left your company.

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